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With guests in town this weekend, I don’t know how often I will be able to write. To keep Spo-fans entertained and glued to the screen, here are some recent thoughts of mine that have popped into my mind or no good reasons. Come into my hummingbird brain and have a look-see. Just try not to touch anything. Spo

What fresh hell is this?

Basic arithmetic here, it’s not that hard I’m just stupid.

Do this or so help me Tiw I will axe your hand off.

The two meds work together like The Wonder Twins. You do know who are The Wonder Twins? Patience above! Who managed your childhood?

Hoozah! More of this! Or not.

I’m having a great time here no I’m distinctly not.

Sh-t! What did Someone just say? Your future happiness depends on this.

Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead and the other is cursed to speak in platitudes.

It’s onwards and upwards or maybe downwards I forget can you tell me where I am and what I am supposed to be doing?

Even in death [fill in the blank here] it ruins my day.

Please turn around I can’t quite see you from behind.

Guess what, the governor did another dick-move who knew?

What would the Stoics do here. I’m going to eat something.

Dog! You are the dog! Do not deny it for it makes my blood boil to hear it! Are you listening to me?

I do hope that fellow starts doing unsavory things in my general direction.

Fat chance of that. Or of that either. Wonder why I even bother.

That sure is a lot of stabbing; we’re skipping all of it.

Can’t you get that was an indirect speech act telling you to do something without telling you to. Get it right.

Verdamte Spanish pronouns!

I don’t care anymore just let it be over please why is this book so much?

Did someone scream? I didn’t want to be frightened prematurely.

There is nothing but ingredients in the larder again. Just hate that.

That’s a good idea for a blog entry. Wait I think I wrote that already no that was Mitchell’s idea no it’s something out of Dickens. Again. Wait what was the idea?

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