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  • Recently at work I got an email with a form asking me to provide information for the website. I wasn’t aware we had a website – no, that’s not true, I knew we had one but no one uses it. I haven’t seen it in years and I don’t think anyone has bothered to manage. Apparently this is being addressed – good for them! – so fill out the form I shall. However the malapert inside me wants to write the following:

  • Name – Heavens to Betsy don’t you know this by now? I’ve been working here since 2005. Also, this is going into my bio, so the reader can just look at the title. But, if you insist: I go by several titles some of them quite lofty and others less tactful. My favorite is ‘Spo’. Call me what you will, just so long as you don’t call me late for dinner.
  • How long in this profession? I have been a Spo since the get-go, nearly sixty years now. It is a noble profession, something I was born to do.
  • How long [where you work]? Since 2005. Patience above this is over 15 years! Time to move on?

  • Where did you go to school? Starting with nursery school, I’ve been through ten schools: eight official one and two unofficial: school of scandal and school of hard knocks. I did best in elementary school and have gone downhill since.
  • What are your areas of specialized interest, experiences, and/or training? I enjoy shouting and I enjoy rolling down grass hills. I’ve had lots of experiences in both although no official training in either. I’ve learned through trial and error- lots of error. I suppose what you are asking here is what sort of head-shrinking I do. I was trained as a Jungian which means I delight in Dungeons and Dragons types played in the psyches of man. This gives me a rich fantasy life and is far more fun than dreary old Freudian and Object-relations schools where everything gets down to suppressed sex and violence.

  • What led you to those interest areas? In Jungian psychology I get to wear funny costumes and don ersatz Viking helmets. You don’t get that sort of stuff doing cognitive behavior therapy no siree.

  • What do you love about [where you work]/what keeps you here? A paycheck/health coverage. And the food is good. My office has a nice view.

  • What are you most proud of in your career? Despite everything I am still at the same job thirty years later. How many can say that? However with the buyout from The Overlords I wonder what happens next. There is a part of me that wants to get the boot just so I can experience it.

  • What are you doing when you’re not working? I lead a dull life. Most of all laundry. I’ve learned the ‘quick’ option on the Maytag seems to work just as well as the ‘full load’ option, so I always use the former.

  • Tell us something about you we probably don’t know. Here you go –
  • I have kissed a skunk
  • I have never watched ‘The Kardashians’ (and I don’t intend to)
  • The sound of Styrofoam rubbing together makes me itch
  • I like very much concrete positive feedback I am liked/I am OK/I am doing a good job – yet I seldom every receive any. I’ve learned to live without.

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