To celebrate the first day of spring I had a dip in the cement pond. “This looks like a job for Captain Equinox!” I shouted as I leapt in. I didn’t stay in long however and what I shouted coming out of the pool was less certain. I suspect my next attempt will be at the summer solstice. 

I don’t need a weather app to tell me it’s spring as my allergies are active. The high pollen count is beastly unfair as it is warm enough now to sit out of doors but I can’t as to do so is miserable. You would think after 15 years I would be over this but no every spring it’s like smallpox to the natives. DougT and Leon the Larger, our out of town guests, think they have a cold so I may have one and not allergies. I don’t feel sick – and I still have taste/smell – so I am going with allergies. The OTCs help some but leave me feeling like I am walking in a haze. Happily they need little entertaining which is good as I need to take frequent naps. 

Last Friday at work, The Boss, The (new) Other Doctor, and a representative from The Overlords gathered for a chat. When I heard they were having a noon meeting (with pizza) and it wasn’t on my schedule, I figured by day’s end I would be handed an empty box to clean out my desk and be escorted off the premises.  Turns out the agenda was considering establishing a TMS (trans-magnetic stimulation) centre. They asked me to join and would I would be interested in participating. I said yes. If this works out, I will become a ‘Director’ and my drive to Mesa will be cut from 2/week to 1/week. I would also get a ‘substantial raise’.  Hot puppies! I hope this works out. 

I was pleased as Punch to finally get caught up with my blogger buddies. I was most happy to find Steven at ‘So this is me” posted after a year’s hiatus. I stop by regular hoping to see him post. I was just about to move the link to the graveyard of departed bloggers and lo! There he was. 

That’s about all the Spo-bits that’s fit to print. This is due to writer’s block thanks to Zyrtec and leading a dull life.  I hope The Muses (or somebody like them)  provides me soon with something more substantial. I hope too they bring decongestants.