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Yesterday I started a blog entry – of all things ! – on ‘The book of Job’. This enigmatic tale is about trying to understand why bad things happen to good people, and why a so-called loving G-d would allow such shenanigans. I thought the entry well-composed but in the end it was too long and lofty and The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections wasn’t having it. The point of the story (so far as I can deduce) is Job recognizes Life just sucks and he’s anger to see himself and others like him viz. the ‘dust and ashes” of humanity suffering. For this insight G-d applauses and rewards Job, and chastises Job’s so-called chums for saying there is reason for suffering. Some ancient historian probably tacked on the ‘happy ending’ Job is restored to prosperity. For me is a better story to end with G-d leaving Job sitting on a dung heap with the less-than-satisfactory validation he’s spot-on correct, yet Job chooses to endure and try to make something out of it all.

I can hardly compare my woes to Job’s, but I like the notion when Life sucks and bad things happen the right choice is feel the rage and keep going rather than throwing in the towel. My problems are quite ordinary mundane ones that wouldn’t feel so Job-like if I had some hope about things. I get a mild satisfaction of getting through the days having done the right thing and receiving some simple pleasantries. Getting the thumbs up from Heaven that it’s OK to spit some acid its way for the atrocities down here is a comfort.

Where this is going I’m not certain but that too seems Job-like. We have our hardships. We have our ailments. We can’t make sense of it and we rage at the unfairness. Yet we keep persevere and make meaning as we may. We shake our fists at the sky and lift ourselves up from of the dung heap and continue on.

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