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What’s top of my mind: Seasonal allergies. It’s that time of year when the palms and the mesquite trees and desert flora are all a-bloom, making me miserable. You would think after years of exposure to this slop I would have developed some tolerance. But no such luck. Every year feels like smallpox to the natives. My sneezing is frequent and profound, at times reaching hurricane velocities. This will continue until the first run of several days over 40C, which seems to happen earlier every year.

Where I’ve been: The Breakfast Club. Before our guests departed we went last weekend to the faraway kingdom of Scottsdale to a popular morning place called ‘The Breakfast Club’. I ordered the lox/bagel plate, expecting the usual assortment of breakfast bits to assemble like a sandwich. Instead I got a small mound of food, resembling a white/green/pink pyramid. It had the chopped hardboiled eggs on the bottom, then a layer of guacamole, with the third top layer of salmon mousse. I smeared it on the bagel and ate it with relish.

Where I’m going: Michigan. Next Tuesday I fly to The Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice to tend Father for a week. I just realized I haven’t arranged for transport from the airport. I won’t see Brother #3 at all so I better get texting to see which brother can pick me up. Otherwise this looks like a job for Captain Hertz.

What I’m watching: EONS. There is a PBS series on The Tube of Yous on paleontology. It has dinosaurs and early Earth stuff, and is hosted by a hottie. What more does one need?

What I’m reading: The DSM-5-TR. The DSM contains the all the diagnosis I use when shrinking heads. Edition #5 came out in 2013. It was revised recently, just enough to make it a “TR” but not enough to become DSM-6. 5TR has a new diagnosis, including ‘Prolonged grief disorder’. How and why this became an official diagnosis is a fascinating story. It was mainly done to discriminate long time bereavement from ‘clinical depression’ and to get insurance companies to pay for help with such.

What I’m listening to: Arvo Part. He is a composer from Estonia, noteworthy for his medieval-like religious music. Every Lent I get out listen to his “Te Deum” which isn’t technically Lenten music but I associate it with such.

He wrote the most soothing tune I have ever heard, called ‘Spiegel im Spiegal’. Listen to it sometime why dontcha.

What I’m eating: The wrong things. Alas, Babylon! I am doing lousy at avoiding those things I ought not to be eating which is mostly ‘white things’ like rice, bagels, and such. Please don’t feed me buns and things.

Who needs a good slap: My friend G. G. often posts on Facebook he is lonely and depressed for not having friends or a boyfriend, yet every time he is invited by chums to go somewhere or he has a date, G. cancels at the last minute only to later lament the same loneliness/longing emotions. I want to shake him and say stop doing this! Next time when someone asks you – go! Don’t let your fears veto your desire!

On my 1-5 rating scale, I give G. one slap.

What I’m planning: A donation. I have bags of fabric scraps from years of shirt and quilt making, along with bolts of cotton fabric given to me or bought I don’t plan on using. I’ve been holding onto these things ‘in case I someday need them” Fie on that. I found a local church lady group who make quilts for charity and homeless folks. One of these stately dames is coming over this weekend to haul it all away. My closet floors will be clean! It makes me feel good to know someone will find these things worthwhile and put them towards good use.

What’s making me smile: Social Security. Someone got his first cheque from Social Security. This added monthly income is most welcome to offset some added expenses (like my higher than ever medication co-pays). It also makes me smile to see us live long enough to receive such. “I’m officially old” he commented. I sometimes wonder if I will live long enough to receive mine. At one point that was as likely as Urs Truly going to the Moon. Now it is a possibility. That too makes me smile.

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