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Patience above! Another item has broken down here at La Casa de Spo. This time it is the dishwasher. I am not too surprised as it has been acting queer-peculiar for some time. Someone needs to call the repairman or somebody like him pronto to once again come out and kick the thing. This is not the first time it’s gone out on us. I am ready for a new one. Meanwhile I am doing the dishes by hand which is a tedium and a nuisance as it take a very long time for the hot water to appear. I’ve learned to heat water in the tea kettle as this works faster and wastes less water. Also, I get a cuppa tea out the endeavor.

I had my first glass of iced tea.* It’s warm enough again to prefer tea over ice to hot. It isn’t hot enough yet to make solar tea so I am using the remnants of various hot pots I pour into a pitcher for the fridge. Sometimes I reheat this to recreate a hot cuppa but it doesn’t taste the same the second time around.

Somehow we’ve managed to accumulate more than the usual amount of laundry – and paperwork. It’s going to be another fun-filled weekend of dictating charts while the dirty duds are done. I hope the lady who said she would take away the fabric scraps shows on Saturday as promised. It would be a disappointment if she doesn’t. On the other hand having a strange woman enter the establishment and see all the laundry that wants ironing and folding could make her turn tale and run off. Oh the embarrassment.

Speaking of ice, I have a ice cube collection. Besides the usual types that come out of the door of the fridge, there a few plastic and rubber trays that make large squares of such. These are good for cocktails. I also have a Sharper Image mold that makes globes the size of a racquet ball. These are good for supper invite. The green rubber tray makes ice in the shape of palm trees, which I use to freeze lemon juice for drinks and cooking needs. Among these lovelies are two containers with chopped lemons and lime. Frozen slices of citrus serve as ice cubes and provide juice as they thaw in the gin and tonics or in the soft drinks. Clever! I forgot who taught me this hack but it is quite useful.

A final Saturday mornin tidbit: my dictation headphone are broken. Oh the horror. I will have to type out my notes until I can obtain a replacement. I can tell which notes were written and which ones were dictated by the elegance of the prose and by the brevity of detail.

There are no firearms at home. He partakes regular exercise 3x a week. For a support network, he has friends, family – some in state. He also reports having one close male friend. There are no financial strains at home; he reports no issues of gambling or impulse shopping.


No gun at home; takes regular exercise; has support network; finances OK/no issues shopping.

*King Cole tea from New Brunswick. It is a strong cup and doesn’t make great iced tea until the ice has melted some.

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