Opps! Not being at home and all I have lost track of what day it is. I figured I wouldn’t wait until Wednesday next to do my week W meme.

What’s top of my mind: The status of animals. The two dogs are on the wrong side of every door and need constant in and out privileges. Paws must be wiped upon reentry into La Casa de Hermano #3. The two cats are not allowed out but they sure look like they want out. The chickens are getting out regardless and every night I have to round them up. There are seven of them and I am determined to keep that number.

Where I’ve been: A little girl’s room. The first night I was here in Michigan I was put into the bedroom of Princess Goddess. It feels a bit creepy to sleep in a little girls’ room, full up with pink things and stuffed animals and such. I didn’t sleep well and was glad to move to the guest room.

Where I’m going:  Local stores. In town next to each other is local bookstore, a local bakery, and a cheese shop. I go to them every time I am in town. Unfortunately they don’t keep regular hours and it is hit or miss if and when they are open. How they stay in business is a mystery. It is nice to have freshly made bread, especially if it is rye and they have any. Come back on Friday we may have some then.

What I’m watching: The Detroit Tigers. Father likes to nod off in his chair while listening to The Tiger games. It has been years since I’ve watched a sports game. I’d forgotten baseball players are a handsome lot with better physiques than basketball or football players. Their uniforms nicely show off their legs and backsides.

What I’m reading:  Letters from the relations. One of the relatives translated some old family letters and gave copies to all the cousins. I am reading these out loud to Father. He frequently pauses to reflect on what’s being read to them. The prose in them is quite lovely. I come from a family of good writers or somebody has edited these well. The contents are noble and virtuous and at times boring, making me wonder if there were juicy parts now expunged.

What I’m listening to:  Echo and Alexa. Oh the horror. Echo is in the bedroom and Alexa is in the kitchen or is it the other way around. Father frequently and suddenly asks one of them whatever is on his mind. He asks for the time, a song, or a tad-bit of trivia. Half of the time they don’t understand or substitute for what’s being said.

Does anyone have one of these nosy things and how well does it work for you?

What I’m eating: Chili and BBQ. Brother #4 dropped off some homemade chili which is excellent. He plans to come over one of these nights and grill some chicken for us. I hope to pick up some cooking tips as he is a wiz with the grill. About the chili, he recently came in second place at his church’s chili cookout contest. He lost to some youngster who got ‘the youth voice’. He plans to “wipe her (the winner) out” which is not very Christian of him. I suggested next year he repeat his chili recipe using her and thus killing two birds with one stone.

Who I’m paying attention to: Father. I am like Echo or Alexa that he suddenly sits up in his chair and announce he needs to do/go this that or the other.

Who needs a good slap: Thems who monitor Father’s clothes. Patience above! Once again someone has marred my fine job at organizing Father’s shelves and drawers and once again I have to put things right. Oh the pain.

On my 1-5 scale, I give the untidy lot one slap.

What I’m planning:  Eggs for days. The perk of papa-sitting is I get as many fresh eggs as I want. Every morning I am frying a few ‘in the Spanish style” and have them on toast. It is the breakfast of the gods, or at least the demi-gods.

What’s making me smile: Minding a blind man. One can get away with things when your companion can’t see what you are doing. Presently I’m wandering around in my boxers as I do some laundry. As Father talks I can be on my phone or on my laptop and not look rude. Yesterday while he repeated a story I’ve heard a hundred times I did Wordle and answered texts. This is not nice I know but it makes me smile all the same.