Dammit. The page open and I am ready to write – and nothing is happening. The Muses or someone like them are nowhere to be found. I emailed The Norns, The Fates, and The Furies, but no response from nobody. Just hate when that happens. With that said, it dawned on me to do an ‘Ask my a question’ entry. This is somewhat a copout but a) I am curious what might come of it and b) it fulfills my contractual obligation with The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections to save me from having my ears boxed and removed.

Ask me a question and I will write the answer in the comment section. I am very good with state capitols but you can look up that sort of thing yourself.

Throughout the day (when I ought to be working) I will pop in and write my responses.

The Spo-fan with the ‘best question’ (whatever that means) wins something yet to be determined.