First of May, first of May outside, (fill in the blanks) starts today.

May is a funny month that it often feels like four weeks of merely waiting for Memorial Day weekend. Mother’s day was never a big deal when growing up, as it happened to be so close to Mother’s birthday the two holidays were combined. On Mother’s Day proper all she wanted was for the family to attend church, which we did. This month The Comic-con (or something like it) convention is back in town, which means Someone will work all Memorial Day Weekend and I should consider going out of town. I hate traveling on Memorial Day weekend so I am likely to stay put. All in all May is a quiet month, a sort of lull before proper summer begins.

It’s that time of the year when the weather is just so to make nothing feel right. It gets uncomfortable-hot but not enough to turn on the AC, yet open windows and doors blow in massive amounts of pollen. Someone insists on sleeping with the bedroom door closed (lest we are burgled) which makes for less than stellar sleeping arrangements. In the morning it is cool enough to wake feeling cold and look for a cover that you wouldn’t want at the time of falling asleep. In a few weeks the temperatures will be hot enough to burn away the pollen and allow the AC coming on and sleeping will be better.

May doesn’t hold anything special at work either. Same things really. There are again rumors again The Overlords are hiring new people, yet when I am at the PHX office it resembles a ghost town. In theory we have twelve therapists and four prescribers but I seldom see anyone. This is good as my corner office with the windows is already hot enough to keep the door open and fans a-turning. With no one down the hall I don’t have to worry about privacy.

I have a few doctor and dentist appointments this month, routine things I hope.

Today 1 May looks to be non-eventful routine of finishing the dishes, the ironing, the laundry, and making the bed. When Someone wakes I want to go out for breakfast, I don’t care where. I lead a dull life, but for once this is OK for it is the first of May first of May outside nothing starts today. May it be a quiet and unsurprising four weeks.