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What’s top of my mind: Finances. We got clobbered this year with taxes and with my high co-pays funds are meager. Bad timing too as this is about the time of year when I corner Someone to make some summer plans/trips. I hate to think we have to not do anything – again – this summer due to we shouldn’t. To be determined.

Where I’ve been: My own private Isekai. When I was smaller and people were taller I longed to escape into magical overworlds. I read the likes of Alice, Dorothy, Milo, and Lucy and longed to do something similar. If I could only find the right portal! I never did (worse luck!) but recently I learned about “Isekai”. This is a Japanese word for ‘other world” and there is a whole genera of Anime about other worlds. Hot puppies! What makes Isekai different is thems who go into these other worlds – stay there. There is none of this ‘there’s no place like home/I’ve learned how good my real world is’ rubbish. I’ve managed a lifetime of going in and out of my own private Idahos without becoming stuck there, but one of these days the portal may close for good. I just hope I am on the right side when it does.

Where I’m going: The dentist and the doctor. I think I see The Good Dentist the day after I see The Good Doctor, or maybe it’s the other way around. Both are fine fellows, well over four feet. I’ve been dodging the diagnosis of ‘pre-diabetic’ for the last few appointments. I have upcoming blood work to do to see which way the wind blows on this. Let us hope my more austere diet of ‘no sugar’ and my more regular work outs did the trick. As for the dentist, I am a good boy and floss my teeth regularly. My perky bouncy he-looks-to-be-no-more-than-twenty hygienist should be pleased as Punch. The lad is always happy to see me but damned if I can remember his name. In the dentist office there is a painting of Steve Martin in ‘Little shop of horrors” and Youth didn’t know who that was. Oh the horror.

What I’m watching: Pope Fights. I love history but papacy shenanigans are particularly entertaining. I never know whether to laugh or cry. Mr. Blue at “Overly Sarcastic Productions” does a fine job presenting this topic. If you look closely in the credits – you can see my name !

What I’m reading: Alice Thomas Ellis. Whenever I need inspiration to write I read some of the works of the late great Alice Thomas Ellis. I’ve often cited her as one of my mentors for my writing. Heck it is where I get the name “Someone’ to describe my spouse, just as she does. The other day I was reading some of her “Home life” essays and found my prose is a little bit too similar. It’s almost like I’m channeling her. She was a devout Catholic so she wouldn’t approve of such a concept, so I must go with the less-uncanny option I am consciously or unconsciously writing too much like her.

What I’m listening to: ‘Members of the 3L Club’ (Lonely little old ladies). I have a lot of patients who come in regularly with symptoms of depression/anxiety/insomnia etc. What the real problem is loneliness. Loneliness makes simple problems seem tragic, and their problems are quite ordinary LOL problems that wouldn’t feel so tragic if they had visitors. Seeing me gives them something to do and a place to share their woes. I listen and have them in in another month not that the need to but it serves a therapeutic purpose. Please keep in touch with others so when your mate dies you have others.

What I’m eating: Tuna. Being back at the gym doing weights makes me want to consume more protein on the hopeful grounds some of it may get into my muscles.* Tins of tuna used to be my main source for quick high-protein supplements. I used to eat lots of them. I might as well be eating ground glass for all its hazards. I forget how much mercury is in the stuff and there are suggestions to eat no more than one tin a week or better yet none at all. I’m trying to substitute them with salmon (lower on the food chain) or better yet cottage cheese. I’ve done whey protein but it’s so expensive no effing-whey will I buy any.**

Who needs a good slap: I’ve had long time difficulties leaving comments with thems who use The issues varies but the bottom line is Blogger. I admit this may be my fault viz. some setting on my laptop that thwarts easy use, compared to WordPress. Regardless of the culprit, something went awry a few weeks ago making it impossible for awhile for me to leave comments. It made me worry people think I had stopped coming by. It looks like Blogger recently fixed something I can now leave some comments some of the time.

On my 1-5 rating scale, I give one slap – two slaps to myself if I am the reason.

What I’m planning: A new doorknob. The doorknob and lock on the door leading from the garage into the laundry room has been busted for some time. This drives me to distraction not to have a locked door. Someone, who worries about burglars enough to insist I keep screen doors locked doesn’t worry about this one on the grounds if the garage door is down no one can get in. This weekend I am calling the handyman (or someone like him) and have him install a new one.

What’s making me smile: Short-sleeved shirts. I’ve taken some long-sleeved shirts whose sleeves have shrunk and translated them to shirt-sleeved. This gives me the satisfaction of not throwing out the shirt entirely, just the sleeves. I foolishly went on Facebook to boast about them:

‘These hand-jobs are hardly the height of fashion but it feels good not to waste them‘.

There was many comments from dirty-minded folks on my choice of words. I’d unfriend them but they are my friends and relations.

*Fat chance of that.

**Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

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