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Patience above! It’s been a few days since I last posted anything! I try to write something everyday but some days it is just not humanely possible. That’s not actually true, I could write a few things ahead of time to post later, or write something on the fly, but it would be gnomic maxims not worth reading/doing. My boisterous bosses are rawther unsympathetic towards excuses like having to do my job and the value of getting decent sleep. However, they recognize rubbish when it’s written, and they don’t prefer it to nothing. With that said I will toss an imperial tid-bit to the Spo-fans until I can come with something more substantial to write. Spo

In trying and depressing times I find my usual defense mechanisms want to take over viz. crawl into a ball hedgehog-like and close the door and lock it from within. After a lifetime of doing so I recognize when this happens. I have to put up a pretty stiff battle not to succumb. I think upon My Strong Ones (real/imaginary; dead/alive) to stiffen my spine and resolve my determination to persevere and Do The Right Thing.

Here is a mantra I often consult; it was written by the Stoic of our time, Ryan Holiday. I have it on my phone to see on a regular basis. May it give us assistance towards Courage, Justice, Strength, and Wisdom.

See things for what they are.

Do what we can.

Endure and bear what we must.

What blocked the path is now the path.

What once impeded action advances action.

The obstacle is the way.

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