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I brought home from the MESA office a duster on an extendable pole. This allows me to clean the ceiling fans and the tops of doors etc. I cannot remember the last time this was done. The amount of dust was profound. Who knew the walls accumulate dust? Today I see the textured painted walls have a freshness to them. My nose is going but I am well-pleased.

Someone continues to work workhouse-type hours; he often leaves early in the morning and comes home after I’ve fallen asleep. It’s worse on weekends as there are nonstop shows. As a consequence, we’ve been negligent at doing the twice a day doggie drops. I’ve taken to do them myself. Harper lets me know she does not care for this. She holds her eyes tightly closed and who can blame her? It’s not an easy one-man job to hold down the dog while trying to pry her eyes open and dropping in few drops. Often they just dribble down her face. I hope with practice this improves. I play ‘dirty pool’ and creep up on her while she’s a-snoozing on the bed. This is annoying but the job gets done. I wonder if this what parents put up with getting children to do things they don’t like.

Tomato updates! On the positive the two plants haven’t died. On the negative we got our first days over 100F. This kills off the pollen and the flowers have atrophied. There are a few tomatoes but they are the size of marbles and not likely to grow any bigger. If I am ever to retire (fat chance of that!) I want to live in some place to grow proper toms, just one last time.

Yesterday I bought a mask on-line; it is the first one I’ve purchased not made myself. It is navy blue with little yellow caduceus on them. I am one of the few, the proud, the prudent who still wears mask out in public. No one yet has dared to tell me “I don’t need to wear one anymore” or (worse) command me to remove it*, but I suspect seeing the medical logo may keep folks away from me.

A final Sunday Spo-bit: last Friday I met with The Boss with the newly-hired RN at work about coverage. The nurse asked about after coverage after hours/weekend/vacation. I pointed out I carry my page/phone 24/7 and work some every day on vacation. I haven’t had a proper vacation in years in which I turn off the phone. Both were interested in changing this, perhaps a rotation of someone covering after hours/weekends while the others don’t. If this happens I might be able turn off my phone for the first time since I don’t know when. I wonder what’s that like to have an off phone and not be accountable? Can you imagine?

*I am rip-ready with ripostes if some rude-boy dares says anything to me. In a way, I am disappointed.

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