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I have four short-sleeved shirts: a blue one, a white one, and two red/white striped things I made from long-sleeved shirts when their sleeves became too short from washing. These four shirts are enough it seems. On Saturday I wash them and on Sunday I iron them. Monday through Thursday I wear them. Friday, out of whimsy, I wear a Spo-shirt. This routine doesn’t vary in the heat of the summer. I don’t bother wearing long sleeved shirts (unless I am going to symphony) and I haven’t bought new ones for years. A fashion plate I am not.

Mind! I have plenty of dress trousers and a few fancy shirts, but these never get worn. For one thing, it’s too hot to wear them and another is some of them don’t fit. As for trousers, I wear the same khakis over and over, along with 2-3 pairs of shoes out of the dozen I own. It’s all getting dog-eared from regular use; when they become beyond decency I am likely to to buy a duplicate as a replacement.

It’s sort of nice having a ‘uniform’ as it were. I don’t have to think what to wear and I can get dressed half asleep (which I’ve done on many mornings). Patient like seeing me the same way year in and year out. This isn’t in line with The APA Secret Police policy to ‘dress always to contemporary professional standards”. So far as I can tell, no one has complained online that Dr. Spo looks like a charity case and he doesn’t inspire confidence.*

On weekends my outfits are similarly uniform consisting of a polo shirt with khaki shorts for going outside and T-shirt and boxer shorts for inside.**

Since we are on the topic of oh-so-practical repetitive attire, I wear the same Fitbit watch regardless of the occasion. The men-folk in my family had a variety of wristwatches they wore for different events. Whenever I see an ad for a Rolex I wonder who on earth wears that sort of thing these days. What was once considered a status symbol “hey I got money enough to blow on a wristwatch” is now looked upon as boring and a sign of senility and no movement. My grandfather had a Rolex and none of his descendants wanted it – after all, all it does is tell time.

I feel guilty about the bow tie collection. When was the last time I wore one? For thems unfamiliar with a bow tie, they are tied snug and aren’t ‘loosened’ like neckties. They look ridiculous with short sleeved shirts unless you are selling ice cream out of The Good Humor truck (remember those?)

One of these weekends I should take down my suits (I have three I believe) and sports jackets (four) and see if any still fit. I daresay they don’t. A gentleman should always have one suit and jacket ‘at the ready’ for important events like funerals or weddings or interviews. The dress slacks may be keepers provided I still fit in them (oh the embarrassment). The rest of the stuff I could probably donate to the Veterans Society who are looking for donations this month. My closest would look a bleak but perhaps better than a lot of clothes never used.

Do you wear the same things over and over?

How often to you buy new clothes?

*I still remember one of my evaluations at work in which the professor stated “Spo has a good mind and nature to be a good doctor. Unfortunately he lacks √©lan’ Now wasn’t that sweet?

** I keep proper trousers are at the ready just in case there is someone at the door like The LDS lads or the JWs – or maybe I won’t. “Won’t you come in my dear!” I would love to say to them “I’ve been hoping you’d stop by!”

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