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What’s top of my mind: Breathing. During the day I continually check in on my breathing as well, for when excited/worried/working etc. I tend to take short shallow unconscious breaths – when I am breathing at all. I pause to close my eyes, sit or stand straight, and take in a couple of better breaths: deep, slow, quiet, and from the abdomen. Whenever there is an impediment like waiting for a call or the computer to come up, rather than fretting I see these times as opportunities for a few deep breaths. This does me a world of good.

Where I’ve been: The living room.
This sounds odd, so let me explain. La Casa de Spo is sort of “H-shaped” with the two wings, east and west. In the middle is a hallway and a large open space, divided into two areas: the dining room and the formal sitting room. Neither one of us ever uses this area, not even to sit. Someone does his sitting in the the ‘family room” in the west and I like the comfy chair in the master bedroom in the east. Once in awhile I go to the living room to dust, as it gets thick in there from lack of use. On the positive, the couch and chairs are nearly new. In my next house I don’t want one so large it has useless rooms.

Where I’m going: ‘Costco’ Sooner I’d eat Rats at Tewkesbury than go to Costco on a weekend, so I will go near closing time on the weekday. I want to buy some protein powder* and we are running low on toilet paper. I hope by now thems that shop at Costco aren’t lunatics about the latter and there will be some available. My cousin tells me Costco has the best wieners – or is it pizza? – which sounds suspicious as Costco and haute cuisine sound incompatible. While there I am get one of their chickens. These are good for a few meals and the carcass makes an excellent base for stone soup.

What I’m watching: The post. I ordered some coffee beans from my favorite beanery, Spring-heeled Jack coffee. All their beans sound morbid, but they get rave reviews by thems at work who drink the stuff. Thanks to my making proper coffee (no rubbish types) I’ve been authorized at work as Coffee Master. Oh the horror. This is a lofty title indeed for someone who prefers tea (also no rubbish). Back to the beans, I’ve order something called The Hessian:

What I’m reading: “When medical myths outlast the evidence”. You will be shocked to know doctors don’t always change their approaches in the light of new data that negates their long-time beliefs and practices. MDs, despite their protestations they are rationale thinkers, are still human and they tend to stick to their experiences rather than change. I suppose I am no different that the great minds of Psychiatry repeatedly tell me there is little if any evidence to support adding an antidepressant medication to a case bipolar-type depression, yet thirty years of clinical experience tells me this often work/helps. I am continually aware of the evolution of Medicine to discard so-called dogmas. If I didn’t, I would be diagnosing women as hysterics and treating OCD types with psychoanalysis.*

What I’m listening to: ‘Enemy Slayer – A Navajo Oratorio’. I go regularly to concerts. Once in a while, there is a performance that sticks in my memory, something extraordinary that is almost numinous. Years ago I attend the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra that did a world premiere of piece about a young Navajo man’s journey to war as a G.I. and his descent into PTSD and madness and his ascent back to his tribe. The audience were told it was being recorded and please hold the applause at the end for editing sake. It was an extraordinary piece of music and the energy in the audience was high. It was one of the few time I actually leapt up to do a standing ovation. Nowadays everyone stands for everything and we applaud singers for clearing their throats. I have a recording of this music; it reminds me of that marvelous night and I was there.

What I’m eating: Eggs and things. I recently heard a two hour-long lecture on nutrition and working out. It reminded me in order to ‘gain bulk’ I must have extra protein, not just ‘enough to function”. I am not a fan of protein drinks so I need to eat my protein. I like eggs, so I am eating a few each day (sometimes without the yolk) mostly in hardboiled form. I have plenty of lovely salty toppings to apply to them. At the moment Zehnder’s from Frakenmuth, MI is my favorite, for it tastes like chicken dinners at Christmas time. Another one I use is ‘Arizona Habanero’ which is basically dried habaneros and salt. Oh the pain.

Hot puppies!

Who needs a good slap: I suppose the most likely candidate this week is the villain who invited the credit card device at counters or in restaurants, the type that ends not with ‘Do you want to leave a tip?” but how much tip do you want to leave? There are usually four choices, the lowest is 20% and the highest is 35%. There is no easy option to leave less or none at all (in favor of paper money). One feels cornered as the waiter is watching and I feel sheepish to ask how do I negate the tip option.

On my 1-5 rating scale, I give the inventor three slaps (and no tip).

What I’m planning: A trip to Goodwill. On my weekend list of ‘there’s-work-to-be-done” chores is locate the nearest Goodwill store and Grinch-like haul my goods up Mt. Krumpit to dump it. I have heaps. I hear tell Goodwill has grown snippy as to donations. I wonder if I can drop things of surreptitiously like a foundling baby or a box of kittens.

What’s making me smile: A card in the post. Ron (the dear!) sent me a card. In it he writes:

Sometimes it bears saying again. I appreciate your friendship.

It made my week. Thank you, Ron.

*If it is too expensive, I will throw up my hands in disgust and exclaim ‘No whey!”

**After centuries of seeing hysteria as a valid diagnosis we no longer see female symptoms due to wandering uteruses, and psychoanalysis has been shown to be no good for OCD, yet once upon a time it was THE treatment for such. Handwashing, as everyone knows, is really a subconscious acting out of guilt for being angry about having desires to kill your father. Just look how long it took to remove homosexuality from the manual as a psychiatric illness in need of treatment.

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