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Yes yes yes it my attempts to thwart having to take pre-diabetes medication has paid off. I had a look-see at my lab work, which shows no sugar in the urine and a fasting glucose of 93. I am pleased as Punch. It is a comfort knowing sensible interventions of ‘no sugar’ and no snacks (oh the pain) and regular exercise paid off. Let’s hear it for non-living.

The cement pond in the backyard is showing some virescence and that ain’t good. I texted The Pool Boy my concern and he responded right back I should drain the pool and replenish it with fresh water. He also advised me again to cut down the backyard tree as the so-called reason for the situation. He’s been cross about the tree from the get-go. I fear either the tree goes or he goes.

One of insurance companies at work recently connected the dots I don’t have admitting privileges to hospital and what am I to do about this. I wrote back saying this has been so since 2005 and if someone needs to be admitted I tell them they should sensibly get to the nearest ER where the staff therein can figure out what to do. I sense this will be unacceptable and the insurance company will threaten to leave, resulting in a stand off. Historically this would make me worried but after thirty years I’ve grown wiser, less anxious, or perhaps jaded I don’t seem to care.

Last week Father had a bad reaction to a shingles shot and on top of this it sounds like he ate something bad so he’s feeling lousy all over and this made his moods quite despondent, poor fellow. Perhaps it is age as he has never been one to have sudden reactive mood swings. He called daily to say he is sick and tired of being sick and tired and all he does is go to doctor appointments. He asked about an antidepressant; I told him to have Brother #3 turn on a Pink Panther movie. Father called on Saturday sounding more cheerful saying this remedy helped. One of my favorite professors once told me whenever he took life or the world too seriously he would go watch a Marx Brothers movie. ‘Horse Feathers’ is good, but in very bad cases ‘Duck Soup’ is better*

This reminds me I owe a few Spo-fans an entry on the seven ways to deal with the absurdity of life. Perhaps this week.

To end Sunday Spo-bits on a happy note, I received in the post the coffee beans mentioned in last Wednesday’s Ws entry. I forgot or didn’t know these demonic beans are brewed ‘from the dark heart of Ohio” Patience above! Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury but apparently it is OK to drink dreck from Columbus.

*Duck Soup is arguably one of the funniest films ever. Do not dare to question this.

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