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I haven’t written an entry in a few days. A few days ago, the lower back went into one of its spasms. My left-side erector spinae muscle once again tightened itself to a fraction of its usual length and won’t relax for anything. It isn’t painful but when I try to do basic things like rise from a chair it lets me know its not happy.  When this happens I walk like Grouch Marx and want to do little, including write. The Muses or someone like them senses this and they scram. Thus, no postings. 

Today Someone has his first Sunday off in so long neither of us remember when it last happened. He is spending the day sleeping. I ought to do likewise as I cannot do much. Not that I’m not trying. Time and laundry stop for no man.* I am getting the usual weekend tasks done, albeit slowly and with many rests.  

Speaking of medical matters, this evening I start a new medicine. I am highly allergic to sulfa antibiotics, and this one has a sulfur-base to it. The Good Doctor doesn’t know of any cross over, but it is possible. If I should develop a reaction, this may be my last entry for a while, if not forever. Now that I’ve frighten a great many of you, not to be worrying, it is as likely to happen as an Arizona politician admitting a mistake. A more likely side effect is having low blood pressure, which I hope happens, as it means I can lay off some of the meds I take for such.  Better life through chemistry.

The Muses sure have taking their leave, for I had a half-dozen half-baked starter essays, which look to be going nowhere, so I deleted them. I hoped they would be risen like bread dough when in fact they were more like partial-ate items that were pushed to the back of the fridge only to be thrown out past their prime. Speaking of leftovers, I have a Costco chicken near picked over that I ought to turn into soup.  By now I don’t follow a recipe but make it with whatever needs a food push. “Stone soup” I call it. More often than not they are tasty. Once in a while I make a very good one, but cannot recall exactly how it was made.  I still hang on to the belief chicken soup is the panacea of all ills. At least it couldn’t hurt. 

I hope my back muscle relaxes soon so I can walk erect and the Muses return for something more substantial to write.  Tune in tomorrow – adverse reaction to meds willing.

*I recently read one ought to wash the bedsheets in warm if not hot water to eliminate any wee-beasties; cold water apparently doesn’t do the trick.

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