I won’t turn on the news as it is all too much.

I open old books just to put my nose in them to smell them. This is a sort of aromatherapy that provides a bliss and memory of the time and place I read the book.

Mayonnaise is added to the mashed potatoes to give them a creamy taste, just don’t tell Someone.

The only solution is to just ignore it and wait for time and fate to sort it out.

I avoid Facebook as it makes me feel bad to see others enjoying their lives via travel and achievements.

Cinnamon is added to Mexican cuisine to get it a slight nuance.

I drop books off at the library that aren’t theirs, but are ones I’ve bought and read and don’t want anymore. I hope the library will find some way to use them. I feel some guilt doing this, as it isn’t clear if this is a not wanted.

Anchovy paste, just a dab, is added to sauces and such to give it a ‘umami’ element.

It infuriates me to see in the kitchen cabinets at the offices half-consumed boxes or bags of nibbles apparently forgotten for months if not years so I throw it them and no one ever complains about it.

I fast forward through all the ads on podcasts or YouTube. I always skip over the ads on Facebook. Stirges.

Speaking of Dungeons and Dragons, sometimes I read “The Monster Manual” just for the fun of it.

In the locker room at the gym I close doors left open and I pick up crumbled paper towels lying about the place. Men are pigs.

Almond extract is added to whatever I am baking to give it a slight distinction.

I would give it all up just to have a small cottage with a working fireplace and shelf full of books.

I wish someone would call me out of the blue for no reason but to say hello.