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I failed to notice last week or so the stats counter on the blog surpassed two million visits. I was watching for this and it slipped by while I was asleep at the switch. It reminds me of the time in the 70s we all piled into the Ford station wagon to watch the odometer turn 100,000 miles, only to become distracted with the scenery. When we looked it was 100,003.

Two million visits! Patience above! The number is humbling. It is an honor that anyone stops by to read my scribbles. I don’t know the demographics, only then number. I don’t know how many were ‘bots’ or how many were people who actually wanted to come here. Perhaps some poor sod was searching for something like a ‘pest control company in Tewkesbury’ or ‘how to make a proper cup of tea’ – and got me instead. What a disappointment.* I wonder too how many of the two million were unique visitors vs. ‘repeats’. I daresay the number of visits from The Late Ann Marie must make for a third of them.

Now that I have done the obligatory Midwest self-deprecation, let’s look at the ‘wow’ element.

While I was minding my own business, writing what I want, there has been an audience and apparently a big one. It is literally awesome.

I have a fancy to figure out how long it took to get to a million and how long it took to make it two. There is another part of me that doesn’t care. I keep writing and a-scribbling and am just glad to have someone, anyone, drop by to read it all. No doubt many ‘visitors’ weren’t intentional or repeats, never to return. I like to belief even a one time encounter with someone can alter things. Every blogger buddy and Spo-fan started with somebody dropping in.

I am curious to see what the next million will be like.


*A cousin once told me she was googling for a javelina-shaped gingerbread cookie-cutter and found my blog that way.

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