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What’s top of my mind: My back. I am weary of having a stiff lower back. Mostly on the left side, it lets me know every time I stand up or move about. It isn’t a pain per se, but an intense tightness, like that of a spring wound too tight to half its length. Daily stretching hasn’t helped, nor has reading it “The Scientific Statemen of Being” (so much for the Christian Science approach). I move about as if in slow motion. No fun this.

Where I’ve been: The cinema. On Memorial Day we went to the movies (Someone loves them so) to saw Dr. Strange movie. It was profusely illustrated and there wasn’t a believable moment in it. For two hours we watched Mr. Cumberbatch and his parallel-universe twins run around and do all sorts of computer-generated shenanigans. It was all nonsense and jolly good fun. The movie had two downsides: first, it was hard for me to believe this was Dr. Strange. That was Mr. Cumberbatch! You can spot him a mile away! Second, there were a lot of loose-ends that weren’t tied up by movie’s end. Someone tells me those are for the sequels. I felt swindled. I wanted some closure but apparently Marvel Comics movies never really end.

Where I’m going: Lost Vegas.* Tomorrow Someone and I drive to the far off kingdom of Nevada to the magical city Lost Vegas for my first in-person medical conference in two years. I am looking forward to having a proper lecture hall-style education. Someone is looking forward to his first time off in years.

What I’m watching: The evolution of blood. I love this sort of stuff; at heart I’m a scientist and a nerd.

What I’m reading:  The philosophy of tea. Travel Penguin and Wicked Hamster (the dears!) sent me a little book all about the history of tea. It is a lovely read, especially over a cuppa.

What I’m listening to:  Wooden Jackets. Someone recently introduced me to this podcast. The gimmick: a small English town has one funeral home run by a neurotic man and his sometimes psychotic sister. A new fellow shows up in town – and starts his own funeral home across from theirs. I reminds me somewhat of “Fawlty Towers” and the “Lucia” novels by E.F. Benson. I am only on episode #5 but I am hooked. It is quite clever.

What I’m eating:  General casserole. Blogger-buddy Sam (the dear!) taught me a basic recipe to turn leftovers into a hot dish good enough for a women’s church basement dinner:

1 cup main ingredient

1 cup second ingredient

1-2 cups starchy ingredient

1 1/2 cups binder

1/4 cup “goodie”



Who needs a good slap: Caesar’s Palace. This is where the weekend conference will be. Since making our reservation, Someone has been inundated with emails from thems in charge at the resort, asking over and over if we want a room upgrade, would we like to buy this/that/the other, and providing ‘if you act now’ offers. Oh the pain.
On my 1-5 scale, I give the casino barons one slap.

What I’m planning:  Pillaging the pharm reps. My pending medical conference will have an exhibit hall full up with representatives from pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment sellers and book-mongers all eager to talk to Urs Truly. They often have notepads and pens and things to eat. It is like trick-or-treating: you walk around with an open bag, you approach these happy good-looking types, ask them a question they can’t really answer, hold out the bag and get something. One could get a full meal this way and more. There is an evil urge on my part to see how far they are willing to go to please.**

What’s making me smile:  Reaching 2,000,000 visitors. I wrote about this yesterday. It is quite an achievement. Not so much the number, but what it means: I have persevered as a writer.

*Due to a slight lisp/stutter, my dictation device routinely transcribes ‘Las Vegas’ as ‘Lost Vegas’. I used to correct this, now I leave it as it is as a charming parapraxia.

**Lest the APA Secret Police be reading this, I have never never ever propositioned a pharm rep, nor have any suggested such. Thems in charge at Pfizer et. al. haven’t figured out the nice-looking lady representatives aren’t influencing my prescription patterns that way. So much for their judgment.

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