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Greetings from Lost Vegas.

Urs Truly is sitting in a lecture hall, listening to a lecture on the role of inflammation and obesity and clinical depression. In-person education has changed over the years. There are large screens now with lots of techie things. Patience above! The opening session had a live rock band! Good stuff this, and it feels good to be ‘back in the lecture hall’. The agenda looks groovy; I hope to learn a lot that I can take back to work for application for the patients.

I am staying at Caesars Palace. If you haven’t ever been to this quaint motel, the word that best summarizes the place is ‘opulence’.  ‘Noisy’ is a close second. Everything about the place is large, expensive, and over-the-top, like my men.  

Someone (the dear!) has two days to do whatever he pleases. He recently texted me he is at the gambling tables playing blackjack. So far he is winning. I think the pattern is to initially win but fail to stop and in the end lose it all. This works well – how else do the barons pay for all this extravaganza?*

I will probably become too inattentive by 3PM to stay until the ‘happy hour’ at 5PM. I hope Someone has won enough for having a proper dinner somewhere.  Last night we split a stuffed mushroom appetizer and an eggplant parm (along with two drinks). This totaled 100 dollars. As Father likes to say, one doesn’t go on vacation to save money. 

There’s been no word from The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections hopefully not being too difficult over at Circus Circus.  Many of their minions and look-alikes are running around the casino floor; it is fascinating to watch such shenangians. There are some handsome ones (well over four feet) curiously in groups and up to no good that’s certain. Mercifully there is no shooting but you never can tell. 

* Urs Truly is not a gambler; I am a sore loser. 

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