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Whenever I am in a group in which I don’t feel ‘part of’ I play a little game with myself. I pretend I am Margaret Mead among The Bantus observing tribal behaviors. This little past time is quite active as I walk around Lost Vegas after the day conferences. I am also wearing a mask while most are not; this adds to the sense of an Isekai. 

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections normally stand out but their type is ‘standard of care’.  There are all sorts of outfits and shenanigans happening, usually in the young-folk who seem bedazzled and over served. 

My favorite people-watching group is what I call ‘Men in packs”.  This is 3-5 men, probably in their 20s or in their 30s at most, walking about in a group. They are often dressed similar enough to indicate they are in some sort of club or formal activity.* They look like they are up to no good that’s certain. They seem to be going somewhere or just wandering rather than sitting still in a restaurant or at a gaming table.  Indeed ‘Men in packs’ look a bit lost.  “Men in packs” are often overheard speaking in heathen tongues, suggesting some of them have come a long way to be here. Don’t they have Monte Carlo as more practical and closer by?**

These lads seem ‘together’ yet not comfortable with each other. Young men are not usually ones to hang out with their buddies; they are not used to being in a bunch.  Someone believes many of these are wedding parties, and are lurking about when they are not obliged to be part of a wedding. Who in their right mind, I wonder, wants to marry in Lost Vegas, but Someone assures me many folks do.  This makes sense to me; I cannot imagine a bunch of straight dudes ordering a boys night out weekend – or do they?  What do I know about youngsters anyway. 

It is entertaining to watch ‘Men in packs’, keeping an eye on what they are up to. I haven’t been so bold as to stop a few and inquire into their demographics and do any of them need directions or a back rub etc.  I am told what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so no harm asking.  Who needs gambling when the gamblers themselves provide amusement enough?  

*Could it be they all called each other while packing to ask each other what will you be wearing? 

**I got on a lift with a “Men in Pack” group consisting of three fellows talking in German. One of them was starting to say something a bit ‘TMI” ; they were amazed I spoke up ‘auf Deutsch” to tell them to be more mindful what they say in public.  Not all Americans don’t know no other languages. 

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