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Note: I am up to my oxters in work. Patience above! There is nothing like taking a day off from work to create a back-log. I’ve had no time to read/write. Here’s one that’s been on the shelf for awhile. Spo

Among all the ‘practical’ lectures from last weekend’s seminar were a few geared towards self-care of physicians. One speaker talked about the power of storytelling. To so so helps with burnout. She gave tips on how to start writing and what to write. This was not news to me. Urs Truly has been writing since 2006, partially to help me from snapping a tether.

In life, my main mode of operation is to play The Clown, so a lot of what I write is comic.* I don’t write much about the trials and tribulations of my life, whether at work or at home or in my mind. According to the lecture, apparently it would be more therapeutic if I did, but how would The Spo-fans react to read such writings? When I purge I do so in my paper journals. It is sort of like being sick; it’s best to excuse yourself and do that off camera. 

Some other hesitations to share my woes through writing is out of vanity and fear. The vanity is straightforward: when we disclose something intimate we risk being hurt. What would people think of me and my abilities to help others to read about my loose screws. The Fear? That’s based on becoming the target of trolls if I publicly say in my thoughts on politics and worldly woes.**

Another lecture had as its theme the use of taking chances and stepping out of ones usual modes of operations. Putting these two topics together, I fancy writing a few ‘purging’ entries from time to time. I am curious to see how I feel to do so and how Spo-fans would respond to it. So stay tuned. I will put up a warning that what follows isn’t a field knee-deep with buttercups and daisies, and is likely to sound crackers.

*Or so I hope. One can never tell with comedy. As the great psychoanalytical professor Dr. Smith told me: ‘There’s no accounting for taste.”

**Spo-reflections seldom gets nasty comments, probably because what I write isn’t directly calling out the lies and evil of thems who would do so. 

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