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What’s top of my mind: Repairs. Patience above! The list of things in need of repair at La Casa de Spo is as long as a winter’s night in Moscow. The Elantra’s oil light is on. The cement pond has turned a verdant green (Jenny Greenteeth has taken over). The front yard is in desperate need of a tidy-up. Every room as a project to it. Oh the pain.

Where I’ve been: Lost Vegas. What a city. It certainly doesn’t lack for spectacle. It was also very expensive, sort of like Norway without its charms. Gasoline: 6$ a gallon; cocktails: 20$; buffets: 70$. It’s a marvelous party but for only good for 1-2 days at the most. After a while the noise and the crowds get to be too much. We were both glad to go on Sunday. There is is another boondoggle conference in Lost Vegas in December. If I go I will fly and leave Someone behind so he isn’t bored waiting for my lectures to end.

Where I’m going: Nowhere for now. After trekking through Arizona and Nevada I want to stay put at home. I don’t want to stray too far in the Elantra, what with its warning light on. This weekend I will be up to my oxters in homework and paperwork so staying at home is a good thing.

What I’m watching: The planets. This month the planets are doing some mighty-fine line dancing. Around the solstice several celestial bodies will be in line, five of them, for the first time this way in 18 years. The full moon (six days hence) will be a big one low on the horizon, as summer moons are. It will be in the constellation Scorpius. In Astrology, the Moon in Scorpius means it is a good time to stomp as many of the b-strds as you can as there will be ample light outdoors to do so.

What I’m reading: Science Fiction. I am a long-time lover of sci-fi, and summer is the time to read some. I have some old paperbacks of such that written in the ‘classic’ years of the 50s and 60s. For stories set in the future, they are curiously dated. A bonus benefit: the old books when opened and sniffed elicit a euphoria only the bibliophiles can appreciate. They smell of old bookstores discovered on long ago trips. Funny how futuristic novels elicit nostalgia.

What I’m listening to: Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’. While we were in Lost Vegas we decided not to take in a show. First and foremost there wasn’t anything especially alluring. Second, tickets were going for 200$ minimum. I remember seeing “O” and liking it a lot; I thought to see it again but not for that price. What I like most about the ‘Cirque’ shows is the music. I am hearing the soundtrack on The Tube of Yous and this seems enough.

What I’m eating: Nothing good. Neither one of us had had time this week to grocery shop, and there is little to eat at home, so we are eating ‘to go’ items like chicken and sides from the deli counter or frozen pizzas. That ain’t good! We need time – probably this weekend – to make some meal plans and a proper trip to Uncle Albertsons. The making and preparation of fresh food seems to becoming harder to do.

Who needs a good slap: The Hyundai Dealership. Someone called the dealership where we take the Elantra for its maintenance to tell them the oil light is on. He was tersely told there are no appointments available until mid-July. Patience above! He tried to explain this is an urgent matter but he was cut off and told there is no way and you are not listening and not liking what I’m telling you. Someone was angered by this, not so much by the lack of appointments but how the receptionist talked to him in form and content. I suspect the frustrated woman is dealing with a lot of similar calls (and with people less polite than Someone) but her approach is not excusable.

On my 1-5 scale, I give the dealership two slaps: one for not being available and another one to the churlish receptionist.

What I’m planning: A Father’s day/birthday prize. Father’s Day and Father’s birthday are always nearly the same day, so he’s always combines the two holidays into one. What to get a 86yo man who is blind and spends his days listening to Alexa and sleeping in a chair? He doesn’t need clothes or knickknacks or books. Imperial tidbits and nibbles are a good notions. I should ask Brother #3 if he wants/needs anything.

What’s making me smile: Generic medication. One of my meds was costing 250$ per month in co-pay. Merciful Heavens! Tt went generic this month. It now costs 10$. This is a great relief, especially with home repairs to attend to. I received my first shipment. It is unsettling that the long-time blue oval-shaped pill is now a circular non-descript white one one. My first emotional reaction is to wonder if it is any good. Time will tell.

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