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I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with Time. My Nordic genetics* wants to use Time wisely and my Midwestern upbringing makes me look suspiciously at so-called ‘wasted” Time. Often it feels like a game to get as much done as possible (and quality work too) before the Sands of Time drop down in Time’s hourglass. **

Of course this Nordic/Midwestern approach to Time can drive one (me) to distraction, and it is bogus (see yesterday’s entry). Nearly all my Time-issues are self-inflicted. It isn’t a matter of not having enough Time – last time I checked it still goes by at the same rate as always***. It’s a case I want to do more and more within my allotted twenty-four hours I get per day. The gods (or someone like them) continually send me the message to stop doing these sort of shenanigans by creating divertissements to mess up my day as if to signal: “For Pete’s sake, let go! You can’t do everything! Until this sinks in, you dimwit, we’ll keep doing this until you submit!”. Oh the pain.

I admit I like finding clever so-called Time management tricks so I can do more in less time. However this only gets the gods (or someone like them) more perturbed. I don’t end up with ‘free time’ as a reward, but …. more to do. It is the same as the iconic ‘I love Lucy’ vignette in which Lucy receives praise and as a reward the manager calls to speed up the chocolate wrapping conveyor belt. Screw that nonsense.

My ongoing vow to let go of ‘Time management’ is going to be challenged again by the pending weekend. I am up to my oxters in tasks. They fall into the common categories of “Needs to be done” and “Wants to be done”. I will focus on the former, and try not to burn out doing so. I will try to let go of the ingrained rubbish ‘it all needs to be done” because it is not humanely possible.

*Mostly German, who are some of the most orderly on-time people there is. If they are late by five minutes they get chest pains.

**I actually have an hourglass. It is a large steel thing, mesmerizing to watch, as the white grains slowly descend into the lower chamber. It is a bit ironic, no?, to watch Time go by like this only to realize the time spent could have been applied elsewhere.

***Of course that is Objective Time. Subjective Time is another matter. I often feel Time is accelerating. The emotion Time is going faster as we age has a cute name: Zenosyne. Lovely.

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