Patience above! I haven’t done one of these in awhile – and there are one hundred to do! It’s high-time to get cracking. Now, where did I leave off? Let’s have a look-see. At number sixteen:

#16 – Set aside 10 minutes a day to do something you really enjoy – be it reading a book or playing Halo.

This one is most sensible. The late Barbara Holland (one of my author heroes) wrote about in her book ‘Endangered pleasures”:

‘Gloom we have always with us, a rank and sturdy weed, but joy requires tending.’

Indeed! The lovely things in life have to be nourished and made room for, lest the time-sucking miseries take over. Tip #16 is something I continually tell my patients to do when they bemoan they have ‘no time’ to do this/that or the other. I advise them to put it in the calendar, down to do every day at the same time, even just five minutes. Otherwise you will never find time for “X”. I also tell them this goes for ‘date time’ with your significant other, and even for sex. They often find this somehow ‘cheapens it (sex)’ as don’t you have to be in the mood for it? I point out you are always too tired and never in the mood as it were. So make time for it why dontcha.

The nameless author of these one hundred platitudes mentions reading a book. I will not go to sleep without first reading something, anything, if only a page’s worth. Habits done daily better the chance of it happening. I also keep reading material at-hand for those rare times I find myself with a little free time, such as waiting in a line. While others look down at their phones, I read me a chapter.

One of my 2022 resolutions is “Do nothing each day for 5-10 minutes”. I think it’s doing me some good to stop the world, close my eyes, and sit still for a while. I am pleased I am over 90% on this one. Most of the time I am not really enjoying it but itching to get back to there’s-work-to-be-done tasks and hummingbird brain activities.

About Halo… I have never heard of such; I had to look it up. Silly me, I thought it was like bocce ball or horseshoes. It is an on-line video game, sort of like Dungeons and Dragons but set in the future and minus its charms. If I am going to swing and shoot things I want stirges involved. By the way, neither game looks like much can be accomplished in 10 minutes but doing something is better than doing nothing is my motto.

Spo-fans: do you put aside some time each day to do something nice and what do you do?