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It looks like ‘monsoon season’ has arrived that brilliant broiling days are translating towards cloudy with some humidity and a sprinkle of rain. Some cloud cover is welcome, as are the drop of temps from 40-45C to a chill 35-40C. What isn’t welcome is the humidity. Normally before 10%, is is now a steamy 40%. I miss proper Midwest thunderstorms that would roll ominously over the horizon portending doom and deliver onto us proper thunder. All we got here are mid-afternoon sudden downpours that don’t last long, just enough to wet the place and make things feel like a steam room.

Hot puppies! I don’t work tomorrow! When my bosses sold the place to The Overlords, we became part of their policy to close on Federal holidays. So, for the first time ever, I have Emancipation Day off. I remember a study where they asked busy people what they would do if they had an extra day. Most of them ended up not chilling out but doing more work. I will have a day totally impromptu. Nice.

Speaking of holidays, today is Father’s Day, something never much celebrated in my family as Father’s birthday was always close to it; he likes to combine them into one day. Not one for prizes, last week he announced all he wants this year are calls from his sons. Fine. If he prefers family over things of real value, so be it.

This week several planets will be aligned in the early morning hours. I hope the recent cloud cover doesn’t spoil my view of this. The one time of the year when I don’t want clouds I get some.

Today I don’t have too much ‘there’s-work-to-be-done’ tasks. I need to finish some charts and I want to buy aluminum foil. We are fresh out, which borders on crisis. Growing up in the Midwest, a roll of aluminum foil was must-have in the house at all times. It was the equivalent of Southerners having sweet tea at-hand. It seems as soon as one runs out of something like this, all sorts of shenanigans happen that shout out for some.

Today I did Wordle in three moves and Canuckle in two. The rest of the day will be anticlimactic.

Spo-fans: what are you doing this Sunday? Any plans for Father’s day? Tell me your aluminum foil hacks.

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