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Blog entries for Monday are usually written on Sunday evenings; they are often influenced by the ‘going-back-to-work’ blues. Not this one. Last week The Medical Assistant ‘reminded me’ Monday 20 June the office will be closed. This was news to me. I looked at my scheduled and lo! It is true. Apparently when the place was sold to The Overlords, the 19th June became a holiday enough to close shop the day after. I was struck speechless but this fortuitous thunderbolt. Hot puppies! An unexpected three-day weekend! Better yet, because I wasn’t aware of it I hadn’t filled it with there’s-work-to-be-done chores. A day without content.

I remember some study in which a bunch of “I have too much to do/I can’t get caught up’ complainers were given a hypothetical 8-day week, the last day being ‘free’. The majority didn’t use this gift to relax but filled the day with… you guessed it…. more work. I will think of this when I wake Monday morning.

Frankly it will be unsettling to have a day without content. The sensible thing would be to be idle, ‘doing nothing’, rather than filling up the day. And there is lots that can be done. I see myself calling The Handyman and The Car Repairman (or somebodies like them) to come over I’m home and get those repairs done. Here’s what I think I may do:

Go to Total Wine and replenish my larder with cheap (less than ten dollars) whites.

Drop off the Ships clock for yet another repair (he isn’t opened weekends).

While I am out and about, visit The Knife Sharpener, another fellow not opened on weekends.

There are prescriptions to pick up.

Oh the horror there goes the day and it hasn’t even started yet.

I am certain I will go to the gym, as flab does not rest, and a trip to Total Wine will be fun. I will try to resist the rest to sit still with a pot of tea and catch up with my reading.

I wonder how ‘off work’ I will be as patients probably aren’t aware we are closed. I imagine getting paged by Dicky Purdy et. al. going into hysterics as his prescription for Valium cannot wait until Tuesday. I will soon find out.

Yes, that is what I shall strive to do: sit read and drink tea, no rubbish either. Wish me luck. This won’t be easy for me.

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