Don’t be weird about how to stack the dishwasher.

Patience above! Where to begin with this one?

The adage of the one hundred is to slightly improve your life. At first glance how one stacks the dishwasher doesn’t seem greatly correlated to this goal. But let’s look closer. Putting the wrong things in the Maytag, or in the wrong way, can lead to disaster (trust me on this), so learning what proper stacking (and what to wash by hand) can improve domestic life. The word ‘weird’ implies something more about how to stack the dishwasher. If you live alone or with someone with a laissez-faire approach to dishes then it doesn’t much matter how ‘weird’ are your stacking skills. The trouble arises if you live with another who either knows better or (worse) knows the way to stack. Woe onto you if you do it wrong. I am interpreting #18 as the sensible advice to find out from your Significant Other how they want you to stack the dishwasher and do it, thus slightly improving your life.

Another solution to avoid being weird about stacking the dishwater is the delegate all dishwashing stacking responsibilities to your S.O. or someone like them.

At La Casa de Spo Someone is far better at stacking dishes than Urs Truly. Many times I have entered the kitchen to see him rearranging what I have already put in. I put things in as they become dirty. Someone, who is expert at packing, prefers to let pans and dishes accumulate in the sink until there is enough to fill the dishwasher via one thoughtfully-planned stack-job. He hasn’t gone so far as to banish me from stacking the dishes at all, worse luck. If I had patience I would let him do it his way, but I can’t abide seeing dirty dishes in the sink piled high as Fafner’s hoard. Mercifully there has been no blows or savagery over the situation.


Who stacks the dishes in your house?

Who does it better?

Has anyone threatened murder or divorce if the other dares to do it wrong?