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Spo-fans (the dears!) occasionally send emails inquiring towards matters I’ve written about but I didn’t follow-through. This makes me think of the novel “Moll Flanders”. For thems unfamiliar with this lofty tome, it is the ‘biography’ of woman who goes through life in a series of shenanigans for which the author* drops the ball as to what happened in the previous situations, like her several spouses and her children. Life is like that though; we dance through it with a lot of unfinished business, for which we often don’t see their conclusions. All the same, here’s some updates I hope this post assuages some angst and slakes interests.

Bread: This weekend I plan to make me a basic loaf using the mix-master. I found an oh-so-simple recipe that doesn’t look to too many variables that could bungle. I will be content to get the ‘hang of it’ to make the second loaf the decent one.

Wine: I did not go to Total Wine. A Spo-fan (the dear!) suggested I get ‘box wine’. Sensible fellow! Sensible solution! The box-stuff lasts long and I can have a wee-dropy as needed. It isn’t great quality, but it suffices. These box-types come in various albeit non-descript flavors like ‘Pino Grigio’ and “Cab Sauv” and the not yet dared tried ‘Table Blend White”. Can you imagine?

Car: The mechanic chappie at Chapman Hyundai told us our oil leak originated from a faulty oil plug that was placed in the recent trip to Jiffy Lube. We are quite upset by this. Someone plans to write JL for possible compensation, on the grounds ‘no harm asking’. The car repair bill was ~$1300, of which only a fraction was the oil matter. Most of it was long overdue ‘100K mile maintenance matters’, which would have been less expensive if we had done these things spread out through time. At least it’s all done and lord willing we are good for awhile.

Nursery rhyme: A while back I wrote about a picture in a children’s book of a nursery rhyme that had been haunting me. It is now my wallpaper on the office computer where I see it regularly to do some ‘desensitization” from it. It is turning into a rather sweet thing. Good.

WordPress followers: My ‘one thousand followers’ has been pruned to a modest 360 with more to go. Patience above! There were over 500 that were links to not to real people but to business sites and extinct blogs, and some led to nowhere. I do hope I haven’t thrown out any babies with the bathwater. WordPress says the unfollowed just won’t get an announcement I have posted, that’s all. If they are keen they can sign up again as new followers.

  • If I accidently eliminated you I am sorry and please sign on again.

The Overlords: Last week I received a surprising email from the bosses (or someone like them) announcing an upcoming meeting to go over their provisional plans to open up a third office which will include space for ketamine treatment. These notions were supported by The Other Psychiatrist, the one who announced he is leaving next month. I figured with Urs Truly being the sole shrink again this project would be scuttled. I am quite curious to hear what the plans will be. Lunch will be provided.

Harper: Several have asked about her, bless you all. She sleeps more and walks slower and she doesn’t jump up much anymore. Someone thinks she is getting deaf. Every day we hold her still to administer her eye drops. Lately she’s been vomiting up her supper, poor thing. It’s sad to see a loved-on decline.

Cup Sprites and other La Casa de Spo haunts: The Cup Sprites are busy as usual but nowadays they are more active moving about Someone’s glasses, not mine. There hasn’t been a ‘Henrik sighting’ in months. Jenny Greenteeth is lying low and probably peeved at our recent endeavor to drain the pool to replenish it with fresh water. I don’t dare swim at night lest she is planning some outrage.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections: Several Spo-fans seem smitten by my mythical bosses and want to know all their latest. Up to no good that’s certain. Now that summer has returned to The Time of Legends and the midnight sun makes it nearly always light out, all the doors and windows of Heorot Johnson II are let open to let in some fresh air. Good thing too. The inner halls were beginning to smell like the backend of a basilisk.** The Board haven’t sent any recent vague but menacing emails so that’s a good sign they are pleased as Punch with my prose. On the feast day of my nativity (in a few weeks) they are giving me a big bag of gummy-bears and some buffalo wing-style Great Lake Potato Chips. The dears.

*Daniel Defoe.

**Worse than their fronts, if you can imagine.

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