Note: I was surprised what came out as a wrote this. I thought to erase and edit but decided not to. Spo

I don’t have many distinct memories of the July 4 holiday other than us kids got to run around in the twilight with sparkles and sometimes there were car-trips to fireworks display. I grew up in Detroit area. Detroit and Windsor would combine their 1 July and 4 July fireworks display for an evening between these two dates, depending on convenience. My mother’s hometown had fireworks too, but seldom on 4 July but one the closest Saturday to the date.* Celebrating a holiday not on its proper day, for the sake of convenience, offended me as a child and it still does. May as well do New Years Eve on the first Saturday in January.

I have no plans for the day, not even sparklers. I should have a look-see at Uncle Albertsons if they still make such things. This weekend I’ve seen various impromptu curbside tents go up selling fireworks. They all have warning signs of ‘no smoking; fireworks! ‘ which sounds humorous as there is no smoking already in grocery stores. I wonder who buys these things as there is a general belief among sensible people these things are dangerous and tend to blow off fingers etc. SIL #3 hates working the E.R. the weekend of July 4 for this reason. Bubbas come in with injuries, agitated and uncooperative as they are often drunk and embarrassed by their seemingly lack of manliness to handle fireworks, their God-given right.

There is sometimes a firework display to the west of La Casa de Spo; I can just see them if I stand in the pool in a certain area. Sometimes these are canceled when there is a high risk of fire, which is often. In the past I would make ribs or something but frankly I don’t have the desire to do so. I suppose the Trump Party will turn the day into a fascist-like celebration of removing independence of others, but then they don’t consider anyone other than themselves as true countrymen, so depriving others of choice and liberty doesn’t give them any qualms.

Harper isn’t one of these dogs that become agitated from fireworks. As she is getting deaf, this is less likely with each passing Independence Day. What agitates me is the growing ritual of nearby neighbors shooting off guns not fireworks. I wonder how many injuries from ‘friendly fire’ arise on this night.

It all makes me think we were better off staying subjects of The Queen. I vote for this over the judges and senators who rule now with more might and less majesty.

*In western Michigan there once were a lot of conservative Dutch descendants to discouraged parties and fireworks on Sundays. I don’t know if they still disallow Sunday holidays so as not to offend these types.