Today is the last day for the The Other Psychiatrist. I don’t know why he is leaving. After meeting him in the interviewing process I never saw him again. He was scheduled to work in the PHX office on the days I was at MESA. This makes sense but it meant I never interacted with him. That’s too bad and now he is leaving. People come and go so quickly here. The Overlords had plans to expand services somewhat based on having him around; I wonder if these proposals are aborted.

I am peeved with the staff at the MESA office. Compared to the PHX office, it is a smaller space with more staff who sit closer to each other. I am only one of two people who regularly wear masks at work. Last Friday, when I was working in PHX, I was told many in MESA went off sick with something. Of course I am thinking covid. I am scheduled to work there tomorrow and I am half-tempted to work from home. You bet your flaming knickers I am keeping my mask on.

Technically what I am doing isn’t therapy but what do should always be therapeutic. I carry around in my head a handful of quick-to-say-I-hope-this-sticks statements that I give onto the med-check folks who could use some counseling. My latest one:

“Between the stimulus and your response is your humanity.”

This captures the sage advice not to immediately act on quickly-erupted emotions but to pause/think/evaluate before saying or doing anything foolish or regrettable. Indeed, most counseling is trying to convey this in some form or another. It may also result in something noble. No one can be judged for instantly feeling the impulse to run away, but maybe you will not do so but stay where you are to help others.

Another at-work item: I am about to take my first holiday and not lose income for doing so. The proviso at work has always been I can take off as much time as I wish but I won’t get paid for it. I know this is a factor towards me not taking time off when I should. Now I have two weeks paid vacation. Hot puppies! I will still have to call in/get messages/renew prescriptions etc. That hasn’t changed. I hope in time it will.