What’s top of my mind: Santa Fe. Tomorrow after work we start our drive to Santa Fe, NM, Land of Turquoise, to attend the opera. We haven’t gone since 2019. I am glad to get out of Dodge and see the sights. I am certain to write about this so stayed tuned.

Where I’ve been: Nowhere. I don’t know whether to smile or cry at the fact each week seems to be a repeat of having gone nowhere other than work/gym/grocery store. It makes me think: is there somewhere I ought to be going? The answer: no, not really. So back off, Mr. Should Statement.

Where I’m going: Santa Fe Spirits Bar. One of the best places in Santa Fe is Santa Fe Spirits. They distill liquors using local herbs and such. They also make the most exquisite cocktails and the bartenders are the old-fashioned types who like to talk about their products and schmooze with the patrons. Jolly good fun!

What I’m watching: The Charlevoix Bridge cam. Cams are everywhere, watching everything. My latest find is that of the Charlevoix Bridge. I have lovely memories of this town. It is nice to see the speedboats and sailboats go in/out of Round Lake to Lake Michigan, and remember. If I were ever to retire I would like it to live there. What a lovely dream that is.

What I’m reading (or about to): ‘US News issues top hospitals list, now with expanded health equity measures’. The hospitals US News ranks as ‘tops’ quickly crow their recognition. On the side of the children’s hospitals in town is their US News ranking, painted in large bold letters. The US News has been criticized mostly on the legitimate argument what exactly makes a hospital ‘top’? This time they added ‘health equity”, whatever that means. I am curious to find out if some of the usually highly-ranked places fall a bit in the ratings due to discriminate service. Another factor is how relevant is it nowadays for US News to rank hospitals as people do this all the time now on Yelp etc.

What I’m listening to: Mystery Albums in my iPhone. I am trying not to listen to the same tunes as is my wont. In the phone are several albums I don’t believe I’ve heard yet and a few I didn’t know were there. I promised myself not to buy more until I’ve done the ones I have. This vow doesn’t work well with books but may do better with tunes.

What I’m eating: White loaf #2. My first loaf made in the Mix-master* was somewhat heavy and not completely cooked, so I made another, kneading it a little longer and cooking it 5-10 minutes more than suggested and it turned out better. There is nothing like bread and butter. Keeping butter out in the butter dish as this time of year makes for near-liquid butter. Sometimes I use Marmite but it doesn’t spread well.

Who needs a good slap: YouTube ads. Of course, The Tube of Yous always has interruptive ads, but lately they are political and all Arizona/GOP produced. The ads seem mismatched to the audience: what I watch are mostly educational channels like science and history, things The AZ GOP has no interested for, so I can’t imagine the viewers waiting to see EONS (PBS channel on paleontology) want to see such puerile rubbish and be persuaded to vote for these nasties.

On my 1-5 scale, I give political ads two slaps. Three slaps when you can’t fast forward through them.

Who gets a fist-bump: Brother #4. Brother #4 (who is well over six feet) often travels to the southern states for his work. When he goes to TN or KY he picks up lovely local whiskies and bourbons for his brothers. He bought me a belated birthday bottle of some hard-to-find small batch stuff. The dear.

What I’m planning: Patronage of local stores. Next month when I go to MI I will buy bread at the local baker and books at the local bookstore. An independent bookstore is a rare thing and I want to support such. Rather than ordering from Mr. Bezos I will call them now to order me some tomes and pick them up when I am in town.

What’s making me smile: The farmers market. Near the hotel where we stay in Santa Fe is a weekend farmers market. My soul swoons to be among the produce. What I am after of course are proper tomatoes. I will buy a few to eat in town and I transport some home to turn them into sauce. Oh the joy.

*Technically it is a Kitchen-Aid, but I like the prosody of ‘made in the mix-master” Please don’t write in.