There is nothing like a vacation unstructured and impromptu. Normally when on holiday we have a full schedule of what to do and when to do it all. This weekend it’s a making-it-up-as-we-going-along type and I couldn’t be more pleased. Hearing about other’s holidays is often tedious, so I won’t go into details. Here are a few things of interest.

We stayed overnight at La Posoda, a splendid stay, situated adjacent to the train tracks in Winslow AZ. It is a resort full-up with weekenders getting out of Phoenix and with thems interested in trains. Apparently LP is a mecca for old dudes into trains: they sit outside with their cameras and train schedules and watch and talk about trains. There is an Amtrak stop at Winslow that goes to Santa Fe; we are looking into this for a future trip.

Santa Fe looks like how you would imagine it to be. Everything is adobe/pueblo style and ristas (hanging dried chiles) are required. The tourists of the female version all wear large hats and real-simulated Indian jewelry and they look like Georgia O’Keefe minus her charms. NM takes covid seriously, and masks and social distancing etc. is in force.

Our hotel (pictured above) is in walking distance of the farmers market*, downtown, and (best of all) Santa Fe Spirits. They have the most exquisite cocktails made from locally-distilled liqueurs. I had a concoction made from whiskey, pino juice, vermouth, and walnut bitters, called “Nut job” . It seemed apropos.

The Spanish market is happening downtown today. It is where you go when you need metal crosses and icons of The Virgin Mary or Frida Kahlo – the two are done interchangeably. I didn’t see any art with the two of them together. It is easy to get them confused.

St. Francis is more popular than Our Lord and he seems to be everywhere. He was a bit of a Nut Job himself, talking to birds and what not.

This evening we go to The Santa Fe opera (pictured in the header) to see “M. Butterfly’ – not Madame Butterfly, but the opera version of the play. Being out of doors the weather is either very hot/humid or cool/rainy. It looks like it’s to be the latter, so I am certain to bring a coat. I didn’t sleep well last night, so a opera nap is needed, which is what I am going to do after I press ‘publish’. Normally the notion of napping on holiday is deemed a waste of time but now it seems the height of indolence and leisure: I can do what I like, and that means a snooze. I am pleased as Punch.

*Happy joy! I got a large haul of yellow and red tomatoes to bring home for saucing and such. I also bought a bag of homegrown/home ground chile powder, enough to last a lifetime.