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1 August is a special day for me as it is Lammas Day, the first day of autumn season in the pagan calendar. August first marks the passing of summer. It may still be so in form but in this month summer has an aged feel to it; at nights the cricket call their portend true fall is coming. Today is also the birthday of my maternal grandfather and his twin sister, my great aunt Susan. My maternal relations would have a reunion this day to celebrate their birthdays. I still do celebrate in way with a dry martini, which was grandfather’s favorite.

As a boy I associated each month with a color and August’s is sky blue. On this day I wear my sky-blue Spo-shirt to celebrate the day. While I enjoy the fall colors and routines I am in no hurry to get through August.

I looked for a photo of myself wearing the August-blue Spo-shirt (preferably holding a martini glass) only to find I have written on Lammas Day so many times already I have nothing new to write on the topic, so I will cut it short today and wish everyone a happy laid-back August as we proceed into the end of the year.

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