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Note: This tongue-in-cheek entry is another one that puzzled The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections. They were worried I was being serious; I assured them it was a bit of nonsense, other than the Planet-in-Virgo influence which is quite true. They are ones to talk! My annual review with them is worth an entry onto itself. Spo

The Boss sent an email the other day to all the employees announcing we are going to do annual reviews now. No doubt this is a decree handed down from The Overlords. Corporations do love their annual evaluations. The last time I had one of these things was over twenty years ago when I worked in a state hospital.*  I haven’t had one since I joined my current post in 2005; The Bosses felt no need for such apparently.  

I am OK with this, for I am curious to know where I need improvement. In my natal chart, some busybody planet (I forget which one) is in Virgo, which apparently means I am always keen on self-improvement. “How am I doing?” I regularly ask The Bosses, legitimately curious for any critique. Their replies were/are always a general ‘Oh you’re fine”. This is nice but isn’t there anything I could do better?  Vague but assuring positive feedback is sweet but risks one developing a Dunning-Kruger complex or worse megalomania.   Oh the horror. 

Truth be told I am more interested in what are the metrics to which I am measured. What defines ‘a good doctor’ is continually debated.  I wasn’t the brightest bulb in my med school, but I caught on quick if:

  1. I explained everything.
  2. Kept on time and didn’t make people wait.
  3. Gave people options. 

I got and still get good reviews.  

I wonder what happens if my seventeen years of Mary Poppins-like feedback** doesn’t hold up to proper scrutiny. The three traits mentioned above may be not what The Overlords see as a‘good doctor’. Perhaps what they want to see is something different like do I bring in enough money. The mind boggles.

Of course I could be shocked to get gobsmacked with strong criticism and be placed on – what do they call it? – a plan of action to improve my deficits. I remember working in the state hospital any annual review less than stellar wasn’t met with vows to improve but hissy fits and threats to go to their union for action against management’s slander. Bottom line is if my first annual review is a bad one I can go elsewhere.***

All of this is rubbish really. I sense The Boss (who is not a doctor) has no great desire to tell this doctor employee how to do his job, but she is obliged now to do so.  I confess it will be a bit of a letdown to get “Oh you’re fine” as the official review.  My Virgo planet will be disappointed. 

Do you get annual reviews where you work? Tell me about them. 

*They were good, I recall. 

**Practically perfect in every way. 

***If they say in their best Joan Crawford voice “No Spo-shirts ever!” I’m walking.

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