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What’s top of my mind: Disease. I am fascinated with medical history. Throughout time, plagues, epidemics, and pandemics always have the same structure, Covid is mutating, becoming ubiquitous and easier to catch but less deadly, as is the wont of viruses. Society grows less guarded and more brazen in its ‘don’t care anymore’ approach which worsens a plague – also the norm. The evolution of monkey pox will take the same course. It will becomes more widespread as people don’t do the right things and attempts to squash it are hindered by politics, blame, and superstition. It is sad we never learn. Meanwhile I keep my mask on and kiss no toads.

Where I’ve been: Santa Fe. It was a good trip. We think we should spend more time there next time, not just a long weekend. We never get to all the eats and places we want to see. Maybe I can entice Someone to return in December. It is pretty then what with the luminarias and a dusting of snow to them. Lovely.

Where I’m going: Heorot Johnsons II. After yesterday’s cheeky entry, The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections realized they haven’t done my annual review in a some time, maybe 2-3 years (they are lousy record-keepers). I’ve been summoned to Heorot Johnsons II for my evaluation. I usually do OK in ‘Hand-to-hand combat’ category but I worry about ‘Shouting’ and ‘Rolling Down Grass Hills’. As for the writing, editing, and memes category, we shall see. My last annual review said:

‘Urspo is one of the worst writers since Snorri Sturlsson’.

Despite these slurs I have never been tossed out on my tarnhelm. They quickly forget about the vague but menacing measures proposed for my ‘corrective plan’. I attribute this to the midazolam I mix in their mead.

What I’m watching: TEAMS meetings. The video appointments at work have been all done by Zoom until now. This season the office is trying TEAMS rather. It was to be ‘only Teams” but apparently someone changed their mind that both now are options. I have to double check which version I am supposed to do. I find Teams annoying that the patients are so close to the camera usually all I can see are their foreheads or mouths. It is more convoluted to use Teams, but I suppose all these matters stem from unfamiliarity of the genera.

What I’m reading: T.B.D.. I finally finished a book! It was “The dictionary of obscure sorrows”, which was very good indeed. I am almost done with “Tom Jones” which opens up my dance card for new ones. There are no lack of options! My ‘To read’ shelf is overflowing and more books are on their way (oh the pain). After slogging through Mr. Fielding’s long and lofty tome I want something light, quick, and entertaining – like my men. Perhaps “The Borrowers”, which I bought in my recent trip to Santa Fe. I’ve never read it.

What are you reading this summer?

What I’m listening to: The Wise Hypocrite. One of my favorite podcasters, Patrick Daniel, is back after a year’s hiatus. Mr. Daniel is a brilliant and entertaining philosopher. His latest is ‘What matters’ , It is a treatise on sorting out ‘the bullsh-t” as he calls it, trying to exclude the noise from the signal in all that is happening in the world today.

What I’m eating: Bugles. The Boss and I sometimes get into a merry banter on Facebook and recently we got into the topic of Bugles. For Spo-fans unfamiliar with this snack, they are cracker-like nibbles in the shape of cones. I haven’t had any since I was ten. What was fun about them was you could put them on your fingers and pretend you are a witch. Jolly good fun! On Monday the weekend after the mentioned banter she brought to work a bag of Bugles and we ate them with relish. Alas, the ones in the bag were flattened some and I wasn’t able to don my digits.

Who needs a good slap: The Overlords (or someone like them). I got a note at work a patient of mine wants to see one of the nurses instead of me out of preference for a female. “Works for me” I said, so just have the patient made an appointment with the RN. It was explained to me patients cannot transfer without my explicit permission – in writing in the chart – that it is OK. Patience above! What year is this, are we in 19th-century Russia? I didn’t know patients were serfs who need their lord’s permission to leave. No one could give me a clear answer why this is necessary. It just had to be done. I wrote “It is OK to see the nurse not me” in the chart and there it is. Dasvidanya.

On my 1-5 scale I give The Overlords (or someone like them) one slap.

Who gets the fist bump: The Boss. For bringing in the bugles. The pharm rep canceled that day so it was what I had for my luncheon. Oh the embarrassment.

What I’m planning: The Perseid meteor shower. On my bucket list is to see a meteor, just once. The Perseids are my best bet as they are predictable, numerous, and can be seen with the naked eye, like my men. Every year I camp out on August 12 or 13 to see one. Alas, Babylon! This year the full moon is likely to spoil the fun.

Have you seen a meteor?

What’s making me smile: Gazpacho. I bought two bags of tomatoes while in Santa Fe. Now, what to do with these red and yellow lovelies. I thought of making them into a sauce but the wine/paste ingredients might mar their flavor. Then it struck me – gazpacho! My favorite summer soup! Splendid! I am off to Uncle Albertsons to get me some red onion, cucumbers and what not. My soul swoons.

Do you have a killer to-die-for gazpacho recipe?

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