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What’s top of my mind: My back. My lower back has developed an annoying habit to suddenly stiffen when I arise in the morning. It is not painful, merely very stiff and a dull ache. Happily it goes away in time. I now use and appreciate the heated seat option in the Elantra, something I’ve had no need to use until now. I thought my nightly stretching routine was supposed to help keep this sort of thing away. Perhaps my nightly routine is causing the morning aches? I fear the morning stiffness will someday become sharp or not go away.

Where I’ve been: On the floor. Last weekend I woke to realize La Casa de Spo floors haven’t had a proper cleaning in goodness-knows-how-long. In the donzerly light I saw dust bunnies scurrying on the hallway floor the size of Buicks. I got out broom, dust mop, and the wet mop (with plenty of Pine-sol) and gave them all a thorough tidy-up. It was some job. I would step outside to shake out the dust mop to release enough dog hair to make another Harper. There is nothing like the smell of Pine-Sol in the morning to feel a sense of accomplishment. It was nice while it lasted. That night making dinner I managed to drop various bits onto the kitchen floor. Oh the pain.

Where I’m going: A law firm reunion. Patience above! Father reminded me my visit to Michigan is next week, not in two weeks as I thought. Father has arranged a reunion at a restaurant with some of his law firm partners. Perhaps at an unconscious level I was hoping to miss this chin-way by thinking my trip was the week afterwards. Hearing the names of the attendees I remember many of them. I will be curious to see these fellows (many over four feet) and watch the laugh and gab about cases and judges etc. It will do Father good to be among his old colleagues.

What I’m watching: SCTV. I was recently chatting with blogger buddies ‘up north” and the topic of SCTV came up. I have fond memories of this show, which my college dormmates and I watched regularly. Whenever I need cheering up I go to the Tube of Yous and revisit Edith Prickly and Count Floyd and Dr. Tongue’s 3-D house of pancakes. Jolly good fun!

What I’m reading: ‘The Borrowers’. I finally finished “Tom Jones’! This allows me to turn to some ‘light reading’, something I have never read: “The Borrowers”. I got me a copy in Santa Fe. Perhaps it won’t be so stellar read in ones sixties. I am about to find out. I hope to enjoy it.

Have you read ‘The Borrowers’?

What I’m listening to: Oberto by G. Verdi. In my youth I vowed to some day see ‘all of Verdi’s operas”.* This isn’t as easy as it sounds for many of them aren’t done these days so I may have to merely listen to recordings, particularly the ‘early ones”, like Oberto. I’ve grown less interested in Mr. V’s works. I prefer German and chromatic music – especially if someone is rolling around the floor smooching a severed head. ‘Oberto’ sounds like Verdi alright. It’s a bit cheesy, almost camp, but in his defense it is one of his early works. I find Italian tenors vacillating between jealous rage and moonstruck tedious.

Are you a Verdi fan? What’s your favorite of his?

What I’m eating: Kimchi. Hot puppies! I found a seller of such at the Santa Fe farmer’s market. I bought a few jars and am eating a large spoonful with my meals. Kimchi is full up with wee-beasties that act as super-bugs to make ones innards positively crow with health, beating yogurt and probiotics by a good Korean country mile. I am eat it with relish, which it is.

Do you like kimchi?

Who needs a good slap: Google. I usually use Duck Duck Go when searching for something, on the hopeful grounds the site is less surreptitious about tracking me about the internet. Once in a while I retry Google and it just sucks. What comes up in a Google-search are ad-driven/money-supported sites, which aren’t necessarily the best places for proper searches. The more their engine is driven by ads the less useful it becomes.

On my 1-5 scale, I give one slap.

Who gets the fist bump: No one. Goodness gracious! No one is leaping to mind! Did nobody do an action worthy of a fist bump this week? Say it ain’t so! I hope this is my faulty memory and not a reflection of my week.

What I’m planning: Biscuits. Lori (the dear!) posts recipes on her blog, all of them sounding scrumptious. She recently posted her best-of-the-biscuits recipe and I want to try it. The biscuits I had growing up in the Midwest came out of a carboard cylinder that popped open when you hit it on the counter.** I plan this weekend to give’em a try.

Do you make and/or enjoy biscuits?

What’s making me smile: The verdict on a paranoid bloviate. The nasty to whom I am making discreet references recently had a trial for defamation. Mind! I did not follow the precise matters nor the proceedings. All I know is the villain is ordered to pay millions to the family whose children were killed in an event he claims was fake. It isn’t nice to smile at another man’s misfortune, when I heard this deplorable was squirming and suffering for it, it made me smile.

*I also vowed to hear all ‘Jethro Tull’ albums and see every movie of Katherine Hepburn’s. Ah youth.

**Someone, who grew up in The South, tells me biscuits were an integral part of breakfast, usually with gravy. Can you imagine? Nowadays he makes biscuits he uses Bisquick, which to my inner-James-Beard, is sacrilege.

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