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Note: The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections (along with a few Spo-fans) found yesterday’s treatise a bit on the dull side. The former group suggested I write something more entertaining, preferably with violent contents. That’s not my cup of tea. I’ve never grasped the notion of violence as entertainment. In contrast I am all for lasciviousness and lewdness, especially if there is luncheon provided. Here is a tongue-in-cheek entry to provide mirth to most and prevent another bout of being hung-by-my-oxters from the rafters of Heorot Johnsons II. This one is doggerel; more sensitive Spo-fans should tune in tomorrow. Spo.

Dame Public Opinion at the helm

Public Opinion (the dear!) has opined throughout the ages against dissolute living while Public Behavior goes right ahead and indulges in such. Rolling down grass hills and other activities that soil ones Bermudas and grass stain the kneecaps are presently on hold, what with pox appearing. One should avoid hillside somersaults for awhile and not go rubbing up against strangers and don’t kiss no toads neither. Such sensible situations are no problem for Urs Truly, whose worst actions these days are forgetting about the leftovers in the back of the refrigerator. It is another example of being boring can save your life.

I suppose I’ve had my share of shenanigans to last me a lifetime and I can focus now on Spanish and cooking lessons, which are far more practical especially at my age. Plus there are less germs and hand-to-hand combat. I shall lead a life more virtuous and save on laundry and Public Opinion will be pleased as Punch. Perhaps I can learn how to play auction bridge which Grandmother wouldn’t teach me in my adolescence on the concern once learned I would throw my life away in indolence and vice. Joke’s on her I did so anyway. I may have strayed from the straight and narrow but not at cards. I did learn the lesson of bridge if you don’t have a good partner you should have a strong hand.

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