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I only work one day this week which is today as I fly tomorrow to Michigan Land of Mosquitos for another round of caretaking Father. Brother #2 is there presently and he leaves today for me to take the next shift. Brother #3’s plans have changed and that one will be home some of the time I am there. This sort of defeats the purpose of my coming viz. giving him a break. The airplane ticket is bought and time off is settled so off I go. I sense Brother #3 likes having me as company and he gets to run errands while I sit with Papa, so it is a win-win situation.

In theory I could ask one of the two RNs at work to ‘cover’ so I could turn my phone off and forgo the daily check-ins, but I didn’t ask them. I haven’t done this ever and I confess I’m uncomfortable giving it a try. How will the world spin without me? I should practice this with a few long weekends prior to asking someone to cover me for a whole week. This is called exposure desensitization. Besides I will need something to do while sitting with Father.

Monday’s daily stoic meditation reminded me to always ask ‘is this necessary’ in deed and reaction. This is particularly applicable for the one day of work as I try to tuck everything in prior to packing. “Is this necessary?” is not my strong suit when it comes to luggage. I tend to take the Boy Scout approach to be prepared and bring lots, as if I were going to Northern Canada* not Southern Michigan. A big suitcase is used on the grounds I always check a bag and seldom do I return without booty. Brother #3 saved a lot of my childhood ‘Boys Life’ magazines and I am slowly bringing them to Arizona.

But that is tomorrow and I have (as usual) a full Monday plate of past times to do. Go slow; go regular. Do the right thing and don’t sweat the small stuff etc. I’ve gotten through sixty years of Mondays and I will get through this one.

That’s all I got to say this sunny Monday morning. I hope Spo-fans far and wide have a good week. Tell me in the comments if anything special is happening this week why dontcha.

*A patient recently told me she is traveling for the first time to Canada and she is going to Northern Alberta. What an amazing first time encounter to the Great White North.

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