…I fancy calling a car charity (any) to come haul away the 2001 Honda (yes you read that right) from the garage, not only to rid me of this eyesore but to see how long Someone would notice it being gone.

…the suits and jackets hanging in the closet gather dust on their shoulders, reminding me its been ages since I’ve worn them. They probably could all go to Goodwill but a gentleman should always have a suit on hand for needs like a funeral. They get dusted and the cycle repeats.

…I get mad-jealous when I see online my friends traveling and enjoying retirement.

…speaking of cycles, the ‘fast wash’ cycle on the washer machine lasts a fraction of the time of the regular cycle, and it washes the dirty duds just a well, so why use the latter which takes up more water and electricity? I should find and read the manual to discover what the fast setting is actually for.

…I add MSG (Accent) rather than salt to my cooking to see if this makes any difference. The jury is still out on this one.

…the phone is set on ‘random’ and generates tunes I’ve never heard and don’t like and I wonder how on earth did it get in there in the first place. I suspect some sort of shenanigan in the settings is doing this whenever I back up my phone. Oh the pain.

…I forget to ask patients about their habits such as drugs, alcohol, cannabis and are they getting enough exercise and are they in touch with others. All of these inquires ought to be addressed with everyone on a regular basis. Alas, Babylon! In the rush to get ‘everything in’ these are often skipped over. I have some built-in reminders to keep me on my toes on these topics.

…the political signs on the street corners are so vile and upsetting I want to take them down but then I remember if I did I would be no better than the deplorables.

…going to Michigan makes me wonder what is my future really. I never thought to stay in Arizona, especially with global warming warming drying up the Colorado river. Is Michigan the answer? Family and water is there. If not Michigan then where?

…polo shirts are purposely worn when going to the grocery store or out to Einstein Brothers so I won’t be in a T-shirt which is what everyone wears. I don’t want to look like I just came from the gym.

…I can actually taste the differences among the cups of Joe, rather than lumping them all into the common category of ‘coffee’. Good or bad coffee doesn’t much matter really, as I add cream and sweetener to it, thus destroying all nuances.

…I just want to quit. Everything. But then I persevere and this dissipates for another time.

…watching a Marx Brothers movie is the panacea of all ills.