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What’s top of my mind: A lawyer luncheon. Today Wednesday at noon I take Father to a restaurant for a reunion with a dozen of his law partners. I am hoping he tells me to just drop him off and return in an hour but I sense I will be needed by his side to assist with his lunch. This means I get to sit among a bunch of old attorneys laughing and recalling cases and shenanigans of which I won’t have any part. It will nice to see Father having a chin-wag but it could be tedious for Urs Truly. I remember one his law partners was a hottie; I am curious to see if he is still so.

Where I’ve been: In the Kiefer bed. When I visit Brother #3, I sleep in The Kiefer Bed, a bed my ancestor made and has been in the family for six generations. It is a bit small; my ancestors were on the shorter side but still well over four feet; it isn’t the greatest of sleeps to be in it. Plus I am surrounded by dogs and cats who come and go in the night. All the same it feels good to be in it again.

Where I’m going:  A bookstore. In town is an independently-owned bookstores owned by two retired school teachers and you bet your knickers I am one to patronize this sort of business. A few weeks ago I ordered a few things with them rather than giving my money to Mr. Bezos. While there I am sure to buy even more than I ordered. I want stores like this to succeed, especially bookstores.

What I’m watching:  The henhouse. Once upon a time there were nine chickens; now there are only two. They have figuratively or literally flown the coop and have never returned. I don’t want the remaining two to disappear on my shift. There are only a few eggs, so I am using them sparingly and not wasting any on cooking experiments.

What I’m reading: Boys Life magazines. I am slowly bringing back to Arizona my collection of Boys Life magazines (1950-1972) which were my uncles and then my own. It is fascinating to read magazines from the 50s, the 60s, and the 70s what was in ‘vogue’. The ads are the interesting. Black people start showing up in the late 60s; prior BLM is as ‘white’ as Leave it to Beaver.

What I’m listening to:  Crickets. At night I hear the chirping of crickets which was always a bittersweet sound when I lived here. They herald the end of summer and sing a song of autumn soon here. I heard what sounded like an owl as well – more on this anon.

What I’m eating:  Bread and tea. There is a local bread store so I get us some. Father likes white and I like rye. It’s toast for days, which I eat with relish. Father likes butter while I like Marmite but there is none around these parts. Brother #3 loves teas like me and he has lots of good stuff, no rubbish indeed! We are having several pots depending on our moods and the time of day. Lovely.

Who needs a good slap: Big Pharma. Last week during one of the pharm rep pony shows the salesperson let slip out in the original studies to determine their product useful of not (which they did themselves) they screened out patients rated ‘severe’ to only test their new medicine on the ‘mild to moderate’ cases. This tells me a) they got rid of the folks that would probably skew their data to more success and b) there is no official data that their medication ‘works in severe cases’ – which is what I see.

On my 1-5 scale, I give Big Pharma 3 slaps.

Who gets a fist bump: Brother #4. The dear! He brought me a bottle of bourbon back from his business trip. I brought him and Brother #2 a bottle from Santa Fe Spirits. We Spos love good whiskey!

What I’m planning: Tidy-up of Father’s drawers and cabinets. This isn’t really necessary but it give Father something to do. I go through a drawer, calling out what’s in it. Father reflects what it is/means and decides to have it put back or tossed. He kept a lot of things that over time he’s changed his mind he doesn’t want or need. In the tossing out, I get to keep a few shirts and books as reasonable attorneys fees.

What’s making me smile:  Luna the cat. She’s a dear who likes to curl up on top me when I am lying on the couch trying to take a snooze.

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