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Brother #3 and SIL #3 drive today to Chicago for a wedding. I knew this but I didn’t know they were leaving behind my niblings Princess-Goddess and Posthumous Thomas. I will be babysitting. I think the last time I babysat anyone was my brothers and this was in the early 70s.  I don’t know how to babysit. I suppose I can let them do whatever they want provided they leave me some of the scotch.  My old-fashioned way of thinking makes me worried about providing sufficient entertainment but Brother #3 assures me they will be engrossed in their techie-toys and probably even won’t notice. I have a vague memory part of the job description is feeding them. SIL #3 tells me all they will only want to eat is ice cream and I am not to listen to their B.S. but make square meals. I am ordering out.

Along with my niblings there is Father, two dogs, two cats, and the two chickens to attend to. At least with animals I know what to do, and Princess-Goddess can manage most of them, thus killing two birds with one stone viz. feeding the animals and keeping the kids busy. 

I suppose I can always call any of my sisters-in-law for they have experience with children particularly thems of the Spo temperament. Probably #2 and #4 will just laugh and tell me to make mac and cheese, the panacea for all baby sitting cooking questions. I remember my babysitters managed my TV time and programmes but I don’t know how the TV works so they may be watching things their parents have said no to.  I’ve been told Posthumous Thomas likes to be read to or told stories before bedtime. I have that all ready. I will tell him the story of ‘Jerome the frog’ and ‘Giants come in different sizes’ and ‘The ghost bag’ and (if he is still awake) ‘The tell-tale heart’. Jolly good fun!

In the end I don’t think I will be either Mary Poppins or Miss Giddens. So long as they get to Sunday with clean faces and the house hasn’t burned down I will have done my job.

I remember if things are too quiet that means someone is up to no good that’s certain and find out pronto what’s happening.  

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