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Today (Lord willing) Brother #4 drives me to the airport and I am on my way back to AZ. 

Funny how four days of tending to Father flew by fast. The days fly when nothing really happens.

Princess-Goddess wanted to make a cake using marshmallows. I introduced her to the concept of a ‘double boiler’, something she had never heard of nor does SIL #3 have in the house. I sounded quite the ‘Gordon Ramsey’ in my teaching and received the compliment ‘you sure know how to cook better than dad does”. Go figure. 

Speaking of gay-uncle goings-on, I bought the niblings each a bag of locally-made sweeties. Their father told me they can do with a small bag to share but screw that I’m the uncle so they got big ones. 

Dogs are always on the wrong side of every door, the chickens are never on the right side of fence, and cats get into everything and they stop at nothing. 

After a week of having afternoon naps while Father took his, it will be difficult to not have them anymore. The ability to take a nap seems correlated with freedom.

I played a card game called “chameleon” with the niblings. I never quite caught on to the point of it. I had enough sense to let them win but the consequence of this charitable action is they think less of their brilliant uncle as being ‘slow of study’ as we like to say. 

Brother #2 had a shift with Father just before I arrived. He brought from Wisconsin a lot of lovely cheeses, which were ate with relish.  No more cheese for a while thank you. 

A final Spo-thought for Sunday: I got a proper Midwest thunderstorm! Unfortunately it arrived around 3AM which woke me up and my brain felt obliged to stay awake to listen to it. I think to sleep on the flight home, provided I am not next to a restless seat mate. 

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