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For a some time I did not make the bed, done on the rationale it took time in the morning rush and I would just have to unmake it that evening. I wasn’t at ease with this though. An unmade bed looks slovenly and reminds me of less-mature times of my college days and bachelor living. Oh the pain. A few years ago I heard a podcast in which a woman recommended making the bed every morning. I forget what the reasons were exactly, but the gist was it starts the day with a sense of mastery and accomplishment.* I had a sense my life was slipping into degeneracy and sloth enough, so I gave it a try.

Now I make the bed every morning, more or less, and I confess it feels good to do so. Making the bed done properly isn’t as easy as it sounds for there are the two obstacles of Someone and Dog. The former doesn’t give tuppence if the bed is made or not. The latter has the irksome habit of sleeping at the end of the bed in the night but moving up into my space while I am up in the loo doing my morning routine. There is nothing like an ensconced elderly dog to impede the making of beds; she is as steadfast as crabgrass. After rousing both offenders out of my way I can make the bed, often explaining the rationale for doing so out loud. “Harper! We have to make the bed! We don’t want to look like poor white trash!”**

It’s not a bad habit to develop. It doesn’t take too much time and does me a world of good. Making the bed gives a small satisfaction of starting the day right and this follows into other so-called good-to-do routines like walking the dog and putting on clean undergarments. At day’s end I like coming home to see the made bed – usually with Harper still asleep at its head.

I am working on putting the dishes in the dishwasher after use. Alas, Babylon! I can’t blame Harper on this one.

Do you make your bed?

*I think there was an element of ‘what would Mother think’.

**This is what is called an indirect speech act, in which the listener is given a not direct statement to read between the lines the real intent of the speaker and act accordingly. I often talk to Harper what she is allegedly not doing or needs doing on the grounds others will pick it up and act. As Rocky says to Bullwinkle “But that trick never works!” No harm trying I suppose.

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