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Yesterday I watch a video on various ways to cook an egg. I like them over easy (like my men). The teacher showed how to flip it over in the pan. After instruction I gave it a try and lo! I did it! On my first try too! I was quite surprised and pleased as Punch. This mawkish achievement gave me a nice feeling of satisfaction. Next step: making an omelet, which is something else I have never tried.

A salesperson at work is trying to convince me to sign up for some sort of do-it-yourself testing the I usually farm out to a psychologist or a neurologist. Learning to do my own testing and getting patients to do it (on line) sounds a lot of effort. I’m getting to the age I don’t feel the need to learn fancy new techniques to do my job. I can’t get the salesperson to provide any research papers (other than their own) that shows doing this sort of thing actually improves patient care. I should just straight out tell him I’m not interested but we have yet another meeting next week. It must be tough being a salesman; it isn’t a job I would want to do.

I have a couple of friends who love to travel. They have the time and energy (and the money apparently) to indulge in this past time. Presently they are posting nonstop on Facebook all their sightseeing in Southern Africa. They look to be having themselves a ball, and good for them. I find I am now avoiding their posts as The Goddess Envy has come around to shake me up a bit. She whispers I have neither the resources or the time to do likewise. She’s not wrong but I don’t need her to remind me.

Yesterday I was ‘home alone’ as is the wont on a Saturday. Nobody called and nobody ever came, as they say in “Sunset Boulevard”. I kept down the amount of music and podcasts so it was a very quiet day. Usually this feels serene but it all felt unsettling. There was a sensation no one knew I was here and if I should trip over the dog and die no one would find me. A case of Kodokushi (孤独死) or lonely death if ever there was one. It gave me the willies.

I need a haircut so I will put myself down for appointment this afternoon at Supercuts. The place resembles a McDonald’s how people get in and out so. Oh to have a proper barber who leans me back and gives me a shave as well! Presently I look like The Wild man from Borneo, but I hope a haircut and a shave (done myself, worse luck) will make me presentable for Monday. Every time I go for a cut I see the bottles on the wall and fancy having my hair dyed just once some color found in Froot Loops. Fluorescent blue or green sounds jolly good fun but I would shock the patients and the APA Secret Police (already fed up with of my shenanigans) would arrest me and haul me away. This prompts a memory of reading pamphlet on the college dormitory bulletin board that said:

“Have you been abducted by aliens but are too embarrassed to say so because they didn’t subject you to a humiliating exam but they gave you a haircut and a complete makeover and fear no one will believe you? “

Aliens or the APA are welcome today so I don’t have another unsettling solitude.

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