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What’s top of my mind: My physique. In brief I am not happy with it. From head to toe there are many matters that need repair and improvement. I am trying to be more regular in my weight-lifting to prevent sarcopenia and general wuzziness. Eating at night needs desperate attending to. I’ve added a few new stretches to my routine, including something called the scorpion stretch. It is supposed to be very good for the back and thighs. My first attempt was rawther embarrassing as I hadn’t thought things out so I am practicing this one at home now lest there is further fuss at the gym.

Tip: please remember to wear snug undergarments when performing this one.

Where I’ve been: The timeless lands of Erewhon. Spo-fans may remember my lifelong art project to but into a single map all the mythical and legendary places, things, and beasts there are. Whenever I learn of something, I jot it down in my grimoire and later insert it into Erewhon. After a long hiatus I recently got out my notes and sketches to work on it some. It’s quite a collection by now and I am having troubles finding space for everything. I may have to revamp the basic structure for a new lay-out. I ought to say enough is enough/no more collecting and get finish it.

An earlier version of Erewhon designed by Urs Truly

Where I’m going: Bookmans book store. I have a list of book recommendations my high school English literature teacher gave us back in the 70s. There are 19 total; I have read 13. I want to read the remaining 6.* The prices for these novels on Kindle average around ten dollars, so I want to go to Bookmans the used bookstore this weekend. They sell slightly-used paperbacks of literature, sometimes for as little as two dollars. I also get the satisfaction of recycling books and supporting a local business and bookstore. Sometimes they buy old books, but they’ve become persnickety about their purchases. They could fill their bins with my discards.

What I’m watching: Sandman. Hot puppies! For thems unfamiliar with Mr. Gaiman’s story, a nasty man meddles with the dark arts in order to trap Death but he accidentally traps Dream, or Morpheus, the god of dreams. After Mr. Morpheus manages to break out he is goes on a mission to regain what was his. Jolly good fun! I’ve only seen the first episode but I am keen to see the rest. It’s well-acted and well-shot, and the story is just the sort I like. All these archetypes running amok! I couldn’t ask for more.

What I’m reading: A furious sky. I just finished a book on the most notorious hurricanes that hit the east coast of North America. It was a sad read, not because of the deaths and damages but the fact we never learn nor does anything get better about preparing for the next. With rising population on the coastline and the likelihood of bigger and more frequent storms from global warming, the probability of major storms is more than likely; it is only a matter of time when ‘the big one” hits a major city and it will all happen again – and again. Oh the horror.

What I’m listening to: Agnes. Mistress Burghese (the dear!) introduced me to a singer from Sweden who goes by the name “Agnes”. She’s Lady Gaga’s figurative daughter, or perhaps Madonna’s granddaughter. Or Judy Garland’s great-granddaughter. Oh never mind. Just try her out why dontcha.

What I’m eating: Chicken tenders. Oh the embarrassment. Whenever I am tired after a long day of work and come home late too tired to cook, the easiest endeavor is to drop by the deli counter at Uncle Albertsons where they have chicken for sale. Recently they added something called ‘chicken tenders’ which look to be coated chicken breasts. They cannot be good for me, but there it is. They are hot, quick, high-protein, but hardly lo-cal – like my men.

Who needs a good slap: Some of my patients. Urs Truly sees a lot of folks at risk for the monkey pox, and patients who are not. I’m starting to hear from the former group that they are getting the vaccine but then go out on their usual shenanigans. I explain this is a small pox virus, and not exactly compatible for monkey pox. The old papers say the vaccine is ‘85% effective” and this is with the pox virus from years ago, not the one about nowadays. While the vaccine is better than nothing it is hardly a guarantee until we see how the virus goes and mutates. On the other side of the slap are the patients not at risk but getting the vaccines out of fear, thus depriving the folks more at risk of a very limited resource. Both ways of thinking are as old as time, but we should know better.

On my 1-5 scale, I give human folly four slaps.

Who gets the fist bump: I suppose I give the fist bump this week to The Medical Assistant. She saved me some pizza from a pharm rep lunch I missed so the next day when I hadn’t planned anything I had something to eat. She is a dear.

What I’m planning: Eggplant parmesan casserole. I love eggplant parmesan but so seldom do I get one to my satisfaction. Restaurants – including the ones who should know better – either make it soggy or cover it in too much sauce that the flavors gets lost, or both. I recently found a recipe that will hopefully remedy this. It involves lightly sautéing eggplant cut into circles, and rolling them up like taco shells in which one places a cheese mixture. Some, not a lot, of sauce is placed on top. It is all topped with a dry crumbly no-too-oily material. The whole thing gets baked. If done properly, the top provides the crispy element while the bottom layers provide flavor without too much greasy gloppy substance. Or so I hope.

What’s making me smile: Patience above! Why is this always the hardest one to answer? My Blogger Buddies. There! That’s the answer! Your comments make me smile. I smile to read comments from my fellow bloggers; they gladden me to know it is not a one-way correspondence. I smile at the Spo-fans of the regular sort, men and women who don’t blog themselves but pop by regularly to read my rubbish. And I smile at ‘the lurkers’ and ‘long time reader/first time commenters’ who let me know they are there and coming along on my Journey. Regardless which type you are (did I leave any out?) you make me smile knowing you are there.

*The six novels left to read: The French lieutenant’s woman; High winds in Jamaica; Pincher Martin; Sons and lovers; The loved one; The wind in the willows.

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