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I will tread slowly and deliberately with this one.

There is a band of which I am slightly aware that I’ve been meaning to check-out some time. I won’t say its name as the actual band as it isn’t the point of this essay. I will say their style of music and costumes are ‘right up my alley”; if The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections were ever to clean up a bit and go out on tour they would resemble this group. Anyway, said group is coming to town soon. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them; I was thinking of going although the ticket price is too much for something I am uncertain. Someone works in the space where they will be performing. It is custom the artistes (or someone like them) meet with management to set up their stipulations. This band wants no bottled water but the concert-goers shall bring in refillable bottles. They asked the theatre to install refillable water stations; the drinking fountains would not suffice. Th theatre is a historical landmark. The management replied even if this was possible to redo the plumbing would cost millions and not in time for the concert only a few weeks away. Thems in charge made an offer to bring in thermos tubs of ice water. The band or its manager said that would be OK but they ain’t paying for it. The theatre, which doesn’t supply things for free, said no. I don’t know how it ended. What I do know is Someone said the band or one of its thralls went on public media to lambast the place as a nasty thing that disallows patrons access to water.

Mind! This all was told by me by a person who works with the people dealing with the band. How accurate is it all? I did not go on line to verify what was allegedly posted.

On the assumption this tale is a true one (and I have no sense it is not) then I have a poor opinion of the band. They come across as demanding and close-minded. The refillable bottles is from ‘concerns of global warming’ but the overall effect to lug in refillable water stations I suppose would be worse. What burned my bacon is the alleged invidious social media post apparently to get fans angry at the theatre.

What’s my point here? It’s not to take sides per se, but to look at my bias towards the band even before I heard them. I went on The Tube of Yous to watch and hear some of their music. I found the music lovely and the video is well made. Yes it is spot-on the type I like. If Someone had said ‘I know of a band I’m certain you would like go check them out” I’d be an eager fan wanting to get that ticket.

What do you do with an artist whose work you admirer but the artist is not acting nice? What can you do with people you meet for the first time but have heard bad things about them ahead of time? I am conscious of both issues. They say first impressions are vital and there is evidence to suggest this is valid. Can we overcome bad first impressions to let the person in front of us start from neutral? I find this tough and sometimes fear this is not possible although I try my best.

I don’t think I will buy me a ticket (as I don’t have a refillable water bottle) and I hear tell their acolytes show up dressed looking like The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections and my horns are at the dry cleaners. I will listen to the tunes on line and try to appreciate the artistry in itself. People are complex and we often don’t hear all the elements of a story. Despite it all it is good to try to focus on the Light.

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