Note: this one came to mind as I watched the BBC news. This morning Paul B. (the dear!) sent an email suggesting I write on the same topic. The change of a monarch is on many minds today. Spo

I think it was Robertson Davies who said the best government (at least from a psychological point of view) is a socialist monarchy. This gives folks a conscious collective of fairness and a monarch who fills the archetypal need for King/Queen energy in our lives. Humans can’t help but create a King. Anthropologists say we are social simians we need hierarchy to get things done. Jungians (like myself) see the necessity of someone to represent and resonant with our inner King/Queen archetype.

Like everyone else, the late Queen was the only personification of King/Queen energy I have ever known. I cannot imagine what a change in Incarnation is like. Being English by history.* Mind! My ability to write with any expertise about Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and how this effects The Psyche of her subjects is going to be a weak endeavor. I have always resonated with Great Britain as personified by the monarchy but this hardly qualifies me to comment with expertise on the event. I am discussing the archetypal energies, not the actual monarchs.

From a Jungian point of view, the energies are shifting from ‘Queen’ back to ‘King’ again, and that is no small matter. What stays the same is the ‘age’ element. There isn’t the usual Old One dying and passing on the King Energy to The Young Prince. Curious too is Charles’ plan on keep his name and not become George VII. That too is significant; he isn’t going to emulate his grandfather. **

I will be curious to see how The Collective Psyche of the U.K. and the Commonwealth – and thems who are attune to King/Queen energy by proxy will react to this change of the archetypal figure head. I would advise the new guy now surmounted by the crown and task to emulate as much King Energy (watch the Shadow side!) as possible. Get out from under his late parent’s shadow (pun intended) to channel King energy his way as best he can. It is no small task especially after following such a long and beloved holder of the Energy. He needs to stop being Prince Charles and be King, utilizing Sage Energy as well as he can muster.

I am curious to hear from The Spo-fans who are subjects of Her – oops make that His – Majesty if I am even close to saying something or is it all rubbish.

P.S. My middle name is Charles. I am pleased as Punch from a personal reason he kept it.

*Spos ran around England from ~1066-1630 and the first five generations of Spos on North American soil they saw themselves as English-types, not Americans. This is deep archetypal energies indeed.

**For thems who don’t know English history, Charles I and II were rawther interesting fellows with rawther colorful histories. While we complain about royal shenanigans there is a part of us that loves seeing our monarchs acting out our fantasies. I hope Charles III does the name good.