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Last year when my humble workplace was sold to The Overlords there were changes made and one of them is annual reviews are now a thing. I haven’t had one since my state hospital job twenty-three years ago. It involves going on-line to their website to read and sign off on it. I did so yesterday. I forget what the categories were exactly but I was pleased as Punch I got mostly “Os (Outstanding)” and “Es (Excellent)”. The worst one was an “S (Satisfactory)” but that was in ‘Congeniality’ which is not what the women in my family aspire to anyway.*

Speaking of family, last night I needed some cheering up so I made a four-ingredient chicken and rice Midwest hot dish. You put the chicken in, sprinkle on top a package of onion dip mix, then 1 cup of rice, and add a diluted can of cream of mushroom soup, cover and bake and Bob’s your uncle. I felt like I was ten years old again at a family dinner get-together. Mine was zany that I added some tinned mushroom pieces to mine. This is what passes for brazen nowadays.

Speaking of work, last week I made pumpkin spice coffee for thems at work, trying to collaborate with the colleagues. I used a pumpkin spice blend that I made from a recipe I found on the internet. Oh the horror. Normally praised for my coffee, this went over like a lead balloon.** The howl of disgruntled coffee drinkers echoed down to Hell to the very throne itself. Yesterday I went to Uncle Albertsons to get some proper pumpkin spice coffee, which was Starbucks and bought at no small expense I may add. I hope this is met with better reception. Cast not pearls before swine, and that include impudent coffee drinkers.

This week is the last week of The Medical Assistant’s two week-long holiday. There’s nothing like being left alone for a man to appreciate his administrative assistant. I’m doing extra hours to do the work she normally does. She didn’t schedule any charm-rep lunches for the time she would be away, and I keep forgetting to bring something to work. Yesterday at Uncle Albertsons I loaded up on frozen entrees; I need to remember to bring them to work.

On the home front: all the bedding and laundry is done – temporarily. Today I hope to do very little other than read books and blogs and walk dogs. I may make some cookies for work to go along with the new and improved coffee. Hopefully this raises my annual review goal a bit.

*The one area that could use some coiffing was ‘collaborating with colleagues’. Since I am the only shrink there this, this is a difficult task.

**I am nearly always the first one to the office, so I make the coffee for folks as they come in. I am Coffee-Master. Apparently I make the best coffee can you imagine? I suppose the key includes rinsing out the paper filter so it doesn’t give a papery taste to the beverage, and adding a dash of salt to the grounds to cut any bitterness. I grind beans while others buy pre-ground rubbish-type coffee. You do a good job and it becomes yours for life. In the annual review I didn’t see an “O” for Outstanding coffee.

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