What’s top of my mind: The late Queen. Whenever I can I tune into The BBC to get all the latest goings-on. It’s touching to see the loving tributes and outpouring of The British and Thems in the Commonwealth. Her sense of duty, service, and perseverance are the traits for which she is most lauded. Good for her; may we do likewise.

Where I’ve been: The periodontist. Spo-fans recall I am missing one of my molars on the port side upper back. I had a screw inserted in anticipation of getting a new tooth. The periodontist says the screw is firm and ready to go for a cap. Time to call The Good Dentist to make it so. After so long a time with a gap there how odd it will feel not to have a space anymore.

Where I’m going: Amazon.com I keep a list of someday-to-buy-items in a list called “Wants”. I don’t ‘need’ anything, but once in awhile I buy things on the rationale I ain’t going anywhere so I can get a few things. Items to buy:

Pirates Lantern Hot Sauce from Barbados

Yaji from Egypt

Little plastic pumpkins (one can never have too many)


2023 Calendars for my two offices (One with owls; another of Inuit Art)

What I’m watching: The weather. Like most folks in AZ at this time of year I am bloody tired of hot and sunny days. I am looking for forecasts with lows below 20F. Next week looks every day sunny 23C to 37C. Not yet.

What I’m reading: What I am NOT reading is Mrs. Dalloway. I stopped in the middle of a paragraph about twenty-five pages in as I was confused, bored, and throughly not enjoying it. No more Virigina Woolf! Not once have I enjoyed her writing. I made a vow to no longer slog through a book on the grounds if I started it I have to complete it. I am about to start reading Pincher Martin or The Borrowers. Whichever I pick it better be good or it will meet the same fate.

What I’m listening to: ‘Songs from the wood’ by Jethro Tull. Do you have albums you associate with certain seasons? I heard this one once upon a time in an autumn (early 80s) and it forever feels like an autumnal item like apples and cider.

What I’m eating: Lao Gan Ma. Hot puppies! In a grocery store I normally don’t use I found it for sale. Normally I have have to ask Mr. Bezos to send me some. It is a hot chili sauce in oil, a combination of grease, heat, and umami for days. My soul swoons. I eat it with relish – or instead of relish.

Who needs a good slap: Book Banners. Brother #3 tells me there is a group of nasty parents at his children’s school on the warpath to ban a few, I forget which ones. It makes me made to think on it. Book banners are especially deplorable to Urs Truly; I put these villains in the ninth level of hell, alongside the animal abusers. Banning books is about control, more specific the loss of control. Folks in charge become frightened of losing their power over how others think. They aren’t wrong. Books make one think and question things, including the rulers and their dogma. History shows thems who ban or burn books are always the bad guys.

On my 1-5 scale, I give thems wanting to ban books, 5 slaps – on each side of the face.

Who gets the fist bump: The Rx delivery service. They made a mistake the other day that a parcel of prescriptions came a day earlier than requested. Happily there was someone at the PHX office to sign for it so it was sitting on my desk when I arrived the following day. A few minutes after I realized this, the Rx service called me, apologizing it was delivered a day early and is it there? I said yes and they apologized. I thought it nice they called to check on things.

What I’m planning: A Spo-shirt giveaway. I am presently making a shirt I know when completed I won’t wear. That happens sometimes: I get a fabric but when it becomes a shirt it just doesn’t float my boat. I think I will post a picture of it, and collect names of thems interested, and draw one out of a helmet as the winner. Stay tuned if you fancy trying for this.

What’s making me smile: Hocus Pocus 2. Spo-fans know I adore Hallowe’en. I saw “Hocus Pocus” for the first time only a few years ago and I liked it enough to watch it every October. They are making a sequel. I don’t subscribe to The Disney Channel so I won’t be seeing it but it makes me smile knowing there are others who like the movie enough Disney decided on another round of Sanderson Sister shenanigans. I hope it goes well.